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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Seriously, It is Colder here than Sochi!

Broadcasting live from the future sight of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Atlanta, GA.  Oh no, well I might be confused because the last week it has been colder, icier, and snowier here than Sochi, the current winter Olympics venue.  Yesterday I ran the treadmill for a couple of reasons.  The first we were in hour 8 of what was an 18 hour ice event followed by a 12 hour snow event.  I run on snow.  I don't run on ice.  The second reason I wanted to run in a tank top and running skirt and pretend that I live in Atlanta.

Well all in all we survived Icepocalypse/Snowmageddon 2014 part B.  I mean two winter storms two weeks apart. Am I living in New Jersey?  Oh no, just confused, because most of the bridges and overpasses were closed down the last few days.  We maintained our power most of the storm.  We lost it in the early hours this am, but still in the early hours GA Power had it restored.  I have lived here off and on for 30 years.  I have never seen a winter like this. 

Just as you think I can't take this anymore!  You wake up to this. The view out my bedroom window this morning.
All southerners say the same thing, "well better get out and enjoy it.  I mean how many times are you going to see this in Georgia?"  Bad year to ask that, by the way.  Enjoying it for hubby and I meant really embracing the fact we live on the Silver Comet trail.  A brief, snowy hike through the wooded back yard, no luge practice in our cars, and a three mile run on the Silver Comet with snow still gently falling.  I mean how many times are you going to see that in Georgia?  Did I just say that out loud?

If you are in the path of Winter Storm Pax I hope it takes it easy on you. 

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