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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Run Round the River

Today we enjoyed a Sunday AM trail run along the Chattahoochee River.  It was packed at Cochran Shoals with everyone putting in to raft, tube, and kayak.  We run here often but we could not believe how many folks were out today we had to stop and take some pics.

I have to admit I am primarily a road runner.  I don't know why.  I love hiking and I love being out in nature, but when I run I usually head for a road or paved trail.  I know trail running is good for me because it engages other muscles and requires that I slow down. This particular trail is pretty well groomed and not very technical, but it is really beautiful.
Chattahoochee Rafters from the bridge on the way back to the car
Today was another humid day.  I realize I should not be complaining considering the heat dome our friends in the Southwest are contending with right now.  I don't think I have what it takes to power through that.  Pretty sure it would be treadmill time for me!  I am hoping this running in the heat and humidity is good training for my half coming up in November.  Hubby and I were talking about it today on the run.  The race is actually two days after our anniversary so we are going to make our Columbus trip a little 15 year anniversary trip.

I told my friend and cat sitter the Half Marathon would be an anniversary trip and she said "you want to run 13 miles for your anniversary?"

I said, "no, I want to run 15 for 15 years, but a half is 13.1."  Hubby and I were discussing where he could meet me on the course.  We are going to pull out the course map and make a plan.  Looks like more heat and humidity for us this week with afternoon and evening rain.  Peachtree is just 4 days away!   Can't wait. Hopefully no storms, they have been largely confined to the later parts of the day so I am hopeful.   First race in over a month and the most fun you can have on the Fourth! Can't believe half the year is behind us.  because of that stomach flu I had 98 miles this month.  I am planning to extend my running streak for a while since I feel okay.  I would like to go at least 2 more weeks since I had to take June 8th off because of the stomach bug.  That would still have me completing the full Summer Challenge, just a little late.

Hope you enjoy our big heads!  Hubby said our heads are huge in this.  We block the boats!

Do you enjoy running road or trail?  Got any big races coming up?  Stay cool everybody, it is a challenge.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Running Ramblings...

Tested out my new running skirt today on a quick little 4 miler with the hubby!  I plan to wear my new tank top to the Peachtree Road Race on Thursday.  I did not really get them as a set.  I was filling in some gaps in my running wardrobe.  I love the skirt.  I have another running skirt but this one is shorter and lighter and it doesn't ride up.  Also it is white and neon green perfect for my pre-dawn runs so cars can see me. Hubby was patient enough to take pics this AM.  We decided to takes pics before the run so we weren't so sweaty.

It was a really warm run today.  The first mile was rough. It is amazing to me that we started that first mile and I thought  it is so hot I can't do this.  After the first mile I actually felt like it was cooler.  It wasn't cooler.  Hubby said what happens is that my body cools itself off with sweat.  I know by the time we finished I felt fine and of course I was sweaty!  Might be something to that!  Running is much harder for me in the summer, but I know runs like today will make me a better runner.  It ended up being a fun run and hubby and I love spending time together on weekend date runs.

I hope you have a great weekend and can enjoy some fun exercise and time with people you love!

Friday, June 28, 2013

New Running Clothes and Tough Week

Today I got a new running tank and a cute white and neon green running skirt.  I am trying Ellie for the first time.  It is a ladies only, sorry guys, buying club for running clothes.  You get to select two pieces each month and you get them at a discounted price.  There are other perks for being a club member but mostly it is about the monthly order with two pieces of running clothes. They just came this afternoon so I haven't done anything more than try them on.  I like the way they seem to fit and tomorrow I will probably take the skirt our for a little spin.

I don't know about you but I love new running clothes!  I don't think just because you are sweating and working hard toward your goals you can't look cute.  For me I always think looking cute gives my run a little extra pep.  It might just be me.  A friend at work once said to me. "You are that girl at the gym I hate.  All tiny in a little matching workout outfit smiling through your workouts."  I guess I am guilty as charged, but I love running so the smile just happens, and I like cute clothes, running or working.  I am a girly girl, what can I say.

All that being said this has been a rough running week. Work has been crazy.  I have been tired and for some reason, even though I run on virtually and empty stomach, just a little Crystal Light Energy drink before heading out, I have had stomach cramps and just felt off during my run.  Doesn't help that it feels like you are running through a sauna.  Maybe it is just getting to the end of RW's Summer Streak.  Maybe work and tired legs have combined to make this a tough week.  The important thing is I am still getting out there.  At least today is Friday and we have the weekend.  Next week I only have to work Monday and Tuesday.  We get the 4th off and I took Wednesday and Friday.  I need the break, plus quality time with hubby who is a teacher.

Also I am excited that Thursday is the Peachtree Road Race.  The largest race in the US.  It is an incredible experience and the first race we have had in over a month.  I have been looking forward to that.  Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend and had an easier week than me!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Your Running Goal?

Runners spend a lot of time thinking about and analyzing performance in races and just regular runs.  We are goal oriented for the most part.  I run primarily for enjoyment but of course by nature I am goal oriented.

When I first started running my goal was to get back from where ever I ran without dying or needing aid from an ambulance.  Then, as runners naturally do, my next goal was to do that first goal faster.  Is faster always the goal?  Not for me.  Last year I focused on endurance.  I wanted to be able to run a half.  Not just run a half, and then look back and compare it to the same likelihood that my pre-race toast would have an exact replica of the Jesus on it. I mean run it with the confidence that I had built up my endurance to the point that I was a person who ran comfortably over 10 miles.  I did not focus on getting faster.  As a weird side effect all of that running for endurance made me faster.  Go figure.  I wish working hard at my job would mysteriously result in more money, but I work for the government so that is unlikely.

I digress.  It is summer and all my hard fought endurance and side of speed seem harder to come by.  Running in the heat is a zapper and I find my comfortable pace to be 20-30 seconds miel slower in the summer.  Also I haven't raced in a while so I haven't tested to see if I will be able to push through in a race.  I am confident that a side effect of pushing through and being consistent in the heat will result in my speed returning and my endurance improving.

My goal right now is to try and run my half in November in under 2 hours.  That means shaving off around 5 minutes.  I am optimistic but, and this is important, I am not dependent on it.  What I mean is goals are good and working toward things is positive.  I won't let the goal rob me of the joy of the moment.  So if i finish in 1:59 good for me, but if I finish in 2:10 good for me I got in a nice long group run and their are other races and for that I am really lucky!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Regimented or Adventurous

I was thinking this weekend about running, big surprise!  A couple of my Dailymile friends always comment on my consistency.  My husband was saying that some streak runners run the same time, the same route everyday.  They build that habit.  I have definitely used routine and habit to make my running consistent.  It occurred to me. What does that say  about us, if we have a regimented approach to our running or a more carefree mix it up approach?

I don't know for sure.  What I do know  is looking at myself and my husband we are definitely consistent runners.  I run 6 days a week and mix in mini-streaks of several weeks.  He, as discussed previously, is a streaker in year three.  You would assume that in this scenario I am the mix it up adventurous girl.  Not so.  I am pretty regimented.  I lay out my running clothes the night before.  I set my alarm and get out the door around 4:30 AM pretty much every work day.  On the weekends I like to do my long run, length will vary.  My morning runs are on the same route around my neighborhood and are usually three miles, unless I have a little extra time.  When I come in I put my running shoes away and select the pair for tomorrow morning and put them out.  I stretch and then I start my day.  To someone who is not as OCD as me, this might seem crazy. I would say this is pretty reflective of my personality. I get up everyday with a mental to do list and immediately in a routine, start checking them off.  I also have a list for the office and one for my return home.  There is a lot of comfort for me in consistency and running just naturally slipped in there.

On the weekends I like to mix it up.  I like to go somewhere new, run longer and it is no problem as long as the weekend to do list is done.  Now hubby is definitely a more adventurous, let the day happen, kind of guy about his running and his life.  One of the great mysteries of the world is what  does he do when getting ready that takes so long.   He runs when he wants, he runs different times, places, and distances.  He has also never seen a to do list, let alone have a mental one running in his head.  I would say for him and me that our way of running is an indicator of our way of being in the world. What does how you run say about you?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekends are for Running

I love weekends.  For my husband and me they are all about running.  We love to take the extra time and go some place we don't have time to go normally and run to soak up the people and environment.  Today we headed to Roswell and Riverside Park.  It runs along the Chattahoochee River and it is packed with other runners, walkers, cyclists, and families enjoying the day.  If we get out to a destination we always try and do a longer run.  So today was an easy 6 miles.

I am working on pacing myself and understanding my pace better.  Running with my husband is a help.  He is like the Rainman of running pace.  He loves to play a game with my Ismooth Run by guessing our pace for the last 1/2 mile.  He is right an annoying number of times.  I called him the Pace Master and now he is using that as his nickname.  Yeah, that won't get annoying as I try to get better at recognizing my pace.  My goal for summer is to keep my long runs between the 6-8 mile range, since I have asthma and running in the heat is more of a challenge.  Around September I will kick them up to the 10-13 mile range in preparation for my November 1/2.  Also 6-8 is the long run sweet spot for my husband who does not enjoy running as long as I do.   To be fair he is much faster and he is the Pace Master so he has that up on me.

I have noticed that even though running in the heat is more challenging, I can tell I have become a much stronger runner.  Last summer running over 3 miles in the heat felt like torture and was certainly much slower.  Today it felt good.  I felt fine when we finished the run.  Overall I have noticed that committing to running 6 days a week and these couple of running streaks I have done have really made me a stronger runner.  I got faster naturally where my comfortable pace just naturally dropped.  On the ride home my husband and I were talking about other places to run.  He mentioned a local park we used to go to.  It has a 1/2 mile trail, so it is boring to go around so many times.  We laughed that years ago we used to walk two or three laps around the trail and be exhausted.  Sometimes looking back at where you were it is really clear how far you have come.

I hope you got in some  healthy fun weekend time.  Of course it is not all about running.  After we came  back it was tacos and sangria at The Corner Taqueria and a visit to this new Stout Brother's Brewery in our neighborhood where my husband finally found his Craft Beer ice cream.  I tried it, but it is not for me.

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Hot, hot, hot!

Happy first day of summer!! Got in late last night from work and was going to take a half day at work today so I decided to run with hubby around 12:30 PM.  It is amazing how running at pre-dawn you can completely forget that you live in the south and running in the afternoon is like running in the Amazon rain forest if it is located on the sun.  I am out of heat practice.  It is amazing how much slower I am in the heat and how much more effort it seems like I have to make.

 I guess I have a few things and items I use to make it bearable.

1) Athletic Sunglasses that don't fog up.
2) All weather dry wick ball cap
3) Anti-chafe (I use Body Glide)
4) Running sockless
5) Regular hydration all day.  You can't just decide I am going to run and down a bottle of water.  Hydration is a constant state and a constant project.
6) Sun block (If you are a first time reader I am so pale I am almost see through)
7) Tank top.  Can't do the layering of a Tee and a sports bra
8) Hubby (or appropriate running partner.  Appropriate means they could pick you up if you pass out from the heat)
9) The words slow down recorded on my I-pod (I need this but instead I have my husband doing it live.)
10) Extra strength antiperspirant.  (Hubby would say I need a new brand)
11) Something to tie back my hair in either pig tails or pony tails.

How do you survive in the heat?  Do you have any tips or tricks that make it work?  Oh yeah

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When Running and Work Collide

I am having a crisis of conscience.  My desires as a runner and my chosen vocation as a water resource manager have reached cross purposes. Given my region has been in and out of severe drought for most of the last 7 years I thought I knew a lot about drought.  Not everything mind you, but once you have told people that you are cutting off all discretionary water use, so you can continue to meet public health and safety demands, you have got some water management street cred.  Also some slashed tires, an egged house and you might have been the cause of at least one pre-dawn brawl at the Dunkin Donuts over sod, but I digress.

So our region is out of drought, way out of drought, saw Noah at the Home Depot, out of drought. So here is where I realize I missed a very important thing about drought.  It is great if you are a runner.  When we are in drought I don't have to spend hours comparing three weather apps and then calculate the probability of it raining or lightning during my run.  In a drought the weather forecast looks something like for the next year the weather will be hot and dry, and oh yeah you may have to implement alternating showering days in your household to extend supply.  So maybe on my non-shower days, I don't run.  A gift to everyone.  As a water resource manager the full Lakes and high streamflows, absent from our area for nearly a decade, should (save 2009 when we ended a catastrophic drought with a once 10,000 year flood event)  bring a tear to my eye.  Instead I feel guilty at how much I wish it would stop raining.  I am not even sure saying that isn't grounds for firing me, but hey I just want to run without worrying that I might receive a concussion from basketball size hail or a falling tree.

Somehow I am going to have to reconcile the side of me that can't believe my neighbor's irrigation system is on everyday, even though we have receive 224% more rain than average this month, with the part of me that is so grateful to run through it in the heat and humidity of the uphill climb home.  I know I can't live with myself either way.  I am sure someone is coming to take my official rain gauge and high efficiency toilet away.  I hope running and your career don't ever run headlong into a crisis of guilt induced thoughts of a potential summer drought and sending an official "turn your sprinkler system off" letter to your neighbor.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Running Friends...They're Everywhere

What is it about the fact that once you start running it seems that everyone you know is a runner.  I can't figure out if I just never noticed before, because I thought the idea of running anywhere if you were not being pursued seemed like a huge waste of time, or if all of these people just heard I was now running and figured "well there you go. If she can do it, I really am out of excuses."

A dear friend of mine that I have worked with for years called me today to tell me another colleague of ours was coming to Atlanta from Phoenix to run the Peachtree Road Race and he wanted to visit with me after the race. Everyone from their company and their invited guests party at the E balloon at Piedmont Park.  I agreed to meet Tom and Warren there with my hubby.  While Tom was on the phone he started listing all of these folks he knew we had in common.  After almost everyone I was like, he runs? she runs?  I know I sounded like a broken record.  I guess before I became a runner I never really gave it much thought.

Now that I run and I blog about it and read a lot of other running blogs it is a part of my everyday life and I am noticing all of these people that I never knew ran.  It has been kind of cool, because I have always been that kind of girl who only felt comfortable talking to people about work. As long as it was professional I was in my comfort zone.  Now I feel like I have this other side to me and to them and it is easier, because we share a common passion.  I find it amazing how something like running can go from something you never think about to such a central part of your life so quickly.  Just a random observation.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thanks Dad

Today will be a different post. It is Father's Day and there was probably no one in my life who made a bigger impact on me.  Sometimes for all the right reasons and sometimes because he was human and gave me an example of the consequences for decisions both good and bad.  He wasn't perfect, and he certainly made his share of mistakes.  I was a Daddy's Girl through and through, and would have done anything to make him proud.  In his mind I was the son he always wanted.  I had a brother, but my Dad did not think he was tough enough.  Being tough meant everything to him.  Maybe because he was so tough.

At age seven he had an accident and his spinal chord was severed.  Back then there weren't a lot of medical options.  They just said you will never walk again.  Even at 7 my father was obstinate.  So I am not sure why, defying all medical reason, my father walked his whole life until the last few years.  Except that he wanted to. He wore a brace, he walked with a limp, but to me no one ever stood taller or stronger in my eyes.  Dad was an old school parent.  There was no talking out your feelings.  There was no time out.  You straightened up, flew right, or as he loved to say, "I will give you something to cry about." He used to walk into empty rooms and talk to invisible, disobedient children "Oh I did not know you were in here.  Let me turn on a few more lights maybe open up the door and air condition the neighborhood!"  He had the ability to say more by tapping your leg with one finger than an entire speech about consequences for behavior.  He loved to sing in the car and when we were alone driving on the weekends he would turn up the radio and belt out "Oh yes, I am the great pretender".

He was funny and stern and all of those things. He taught me when I was young lessons I never forgot.  When I turned nine and received my First Communion he pulled me on my lap and told me something that drove my whole life.  "Kathleen, you're so smart.  Lots of people are smart, they're a dime a dozen.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is how hard you can work, how hard can you push yourself.  Can you be the toughest one left?"  I don't know if I ever met that benchmark, but when things are hard that is what I remember.  I never imagined I would be telling that story at his funeral, but that is exactly what I did nine years ago, without a tear, because Dad taught me "Crying never solved anything."  After I finished one of our family friends whispered to me in line, "now that is his kind of tough."

It is still hard to believe my Dad has been gone for 9 years.  I wish he had been a little more perfect because his body paid the price for a lifetime of excessive drinking and smoking.  Doing only what he wanted to, eating only what he liked, in short living like my Dad. Just 68 when he died, married 38 years.  He had three kids, two sons-in-law and an unbelievable impact on my life.  He loved Notre Dame Football and his dog Einstein, he was a Braves fan and finally at the end of his life, he said "I know it will be all right because you found a good man and he will care for you."  He was right about my husband, but in the back of his mind I hope he knew he also prepared me to take care of myself.

I love you Dad, imperfections, funny life lessons, and the stern discipline I needed.  Also you were right about me all those years "people don't send donkeys to school because no one like a smart @$%".

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Officially Signed up for My Second Half

The deadline to register before the price increase for the Soldiers Half Marathon was getting close so I pulled the trigger today.  My much faster friend Kelli recommended this half when I told her I was looking to do another half in the Fall.  There is a half in October very close to home and where we often run, but everyone said it is so boring.  Kelli said the Soldiers Half has a great course and bands playing plus you get to run along the Chattahoochee River and the River Walk in Columbus.

The proceeds go to help families of soldiers who have been lost.  So it is good cause.  I lost the battle to convince hubby to run a half with me (for now).  He is really stubborn!  He is also very supportive and will be coming to Columbus for the weekend so we can have some couple time and he can support me at the race.  I definitely feel less anxiety knowing I have done a half and I probably won't die during the run.  Of course as my Mom would say, "never underestimate the potential of being hit by a bus."  What can I tell you I come form a long line of optimists.

Though my long runs have been in 6-8 mile range lately they have been consistent.  I did not want to lose the endurance I have worked to achieve.  I definitely feel my weekly mileage stays around what I need to be half marathon ready.  I will kick it up a little as the race gets closer, but I don't like to go crazy with 40 or 50 mile weeks.  For me that is just too much.  Not for everyone, but I know myself.  I struggle with balance and I need to keep it in the middle of the road or I end up in a ditch!

I do have a goal for this race, not a goal like the whole trip and race will be a waste if I fail to get it, but a goal.  I would like to finish just under 2 hours.  I think I can if I happen to have a good race day that day.  In my first half it was a very hilly course, coldest day of the year, and my first half marathon and I finished in 2:04.  I think on a flat course with what should be better weather I can shave of 5 minutes.  We shall see.

Also another first for me, this race will be out of town.  Not far out of town, but I won't be in my own bed with my natural peanut butter and toast.  Also the weather will be questionable so I will bring options.  I have been breaking in my Merrell Bare Access on long runs and they feel good.  They may be half marathon shoe for this race.  I am looking forward to it.  Whether I achieve my goal or not I am sure I will be a stronger runner when I am done!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Race Numbers Came!

So today our numbers for the AJC 4th of July Peachtree Road Race came in mail.  It is  just a little local Atlanta 10K with 60,000 of our closest friends.  It is the most fun race and I am really excited.  Last year was my first, and I can't imagine 4th of July without it!  Of course some folks are nervous following Boston, but I figured at this point there is probably nowhere safer in the world on July 4th than at the biggest 10K.  Of course my friend who is in charge of security did warn me he would not hesitate to take anyone down that had a backpack.  All that aside, I am also excited because as I have mentioned we have been on a racing break.

Getting the numbers today made me think about why I like races.

1) The energy of so many like minded folks getting together.  You just feel so ready to go!
2) I love the challenge of different courses and the unexpected.  If I haven't run the course or it has been a year, it renews my sense of adventure.  Plus after a year I can't even remember that after the race last year I said, "My God that hill!  I am never running this race again."  I usually don't remember until I get to the hill.
3) Pushing myself.  I don't need to win, but I am competitive, and if someone is beside me and I think I can beat them  I will definitely go for it.
4) A run where someone else brings the water, and places it right where you need it.  I mean come on, that is a good deal.
5) The support of other runners.  I love cheering folks on after I have finished, and the running community is that way.
6) Spectators.  I love the little kids that yell at me as I go by "come on finish strong." Especially at mile 1 in a half marathon.
7) Supporters. There was no better sight at mile 12 of my half than hubby at the corner ready to run the last mile with me, even though it was 20 degrees and he had finished his 5K an hour earlier.
8) New workout gear.  I love that most of the shirts now are Tech Tees.  At least I don't have to pay the entry fee and by a new running shirt.
9) Volunteers.  I mean we have run in some crazy weather, but we are running.  And we will be done in 25 minutes or 50 minutes.  The volunteers are standing there and they are there until the last of us crosses. They cheer as enthusiastically and help as willingly whether it is the last runner or the first runner.

I love running, and racing is just one aspect of it, but it sure is fun!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Racing Secretly

Do you ever find yourself in a secret race?  You know the kind where you are just out doing your run, no particular goal or workout and you casually see another runner, maybe across the street, maybe ahead on the path.  They just think they are out for a nice run and all of sudden you become aware that your internal dialogue has kind of shifted from, "gee it's nice not being the only one out here at 4:30." To something like, "okay if that's how we're going to to do this, bring it."

The key to the whole secret race is you can't actually say any of that out loud.  For me it does not happen all the time.  Lots of time I can nod and run on and barely notice the person who may remain ahead, or may drift by.  But certain days, for whatever reason, it is different.  Today was like that for me.  It wasn't a particularly fast run for me, but I had been sick the last few days and today I was feeling better.  I saw her across the street, several hundred yards ahead of me and I thought okay you can do this.  She isn't running that hard.  All of sudden I am fully engaged in making sure I pass her.  In an instant it isn't about how I feel or if I'm tired.  I am just me, feeling good and focused on running past my imagined opponent.

Some days we just need that mental pick me up.  Maybe it is that this is the longest time hubby and I have gone without a race and I enjoy racing for the challenge and the energy.  It could just be that after a tough couple of days I needed to focus on something else and remind myself why I love this.  Whatever the reason.  I am grateful to my racing partner today even if she did not know we were racing and I am also a little grateful that I passed her.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

So I am recommitting to the RW's Summer 2013 Running Streak.  I was sidelined Saturday when I woke up with a severe stomach flu.  As much as I wanted to, running was just not going to happen.  I was fully engaged in hoping I lived through this.  On the bright side woke up today to discover, what I hoped for yesterday was true, it was a 24 hour thing .  So after having half a glass of ginger ale all day yesterday; I managed tea and toast this am and planned to head out for a slow easy run with hubby.

He was amazing yesterday.  He took care of everything around the house and he really would have done anything to make feel better.  Sometimes things like this remind you to appreciate what you have.  He kept asking "can't I get you something for this?"  I don't know who was more grateful to see that the worst had passed this AM him or me.  I spent the morning rehydrating and we headed out to Swift Cantrell Park to do 3 miles before the predicted rain.  We just beat it and made it to the car as the rain started.

Of course I am disappointed about having to restart the streak but sometimes your body just can't do anymore.  That is definitely where I was yesterday.  Today I started over and recommitted.  Isn't that all we can really do when we have set backs?  It is nice to know how little fuel I need to get through 3 miles.  Hoping for a great week.  Things are expected to heat up in ATL starting Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day...What's Your Spirit Animal?

Happy National Running Day!  I celebrated with an early morning party on the pavement, an easy 3 miler before work.  I hope you all got a run in to honor and celebrate the sport and passion we all love!  It got me to thinking what is quintessential about running and I thought of the book Born to Run .  It reminded me of when all the runners are coming in for the race and Micah True, who is known as White Horse (Caballo Blanco) is assigning spirit animals.  It is who you are at your true self so of course in keeping with the book that is when you are running.

Hubby and I read the book at the same time on our Kindles so we would talk about it.  I asked him what his spirit animal was and he said Caballo Amarillo (Yellow Horse).  I laughed, even though it is probably not politically correct, because I knew he chose that because he is Asian and we joke about him being a yellow fellow!  You can do that as long as it is a shared joke!

I think my spirit animal is a cat.  I have always identified with them.  Also since I run in minimal footwear with a light frequent strike I try to be silent and light when I run like a cat on the hunt.  I am in no way as graceful, but something about the way they are in the world is similar to me.

What is your spirit animal?  Did you read Born to Run?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why Run?...Why Not!

Running will be celebrated tomorrow.  It is National Running Day.  What will you be doing?  My husband will be running with a bib he printed out that says I Run to Live Boston Strong. You can print it out from the link above.  I will be running in the pitch dark, pre-dawn so I probably don't need a bib.  It did get me thinking I know we have been talking about this a lot on some of our blogs. So please lets add one more person; I mean isn't that how you make a movement.  Why do you run?  When people ask it; it seems simple and some reasons are obvious: for health, to lose weight, to get faster to reach a goal.  All good valid reasons.  Many have a terminus an end, right?  I reached my fitness goal.  I weigh what I want.  I got my PR.  If you did all that, first of all congratulations, you must be tired.  But if you did all that, would you still run?

If the answer is yes then why do you run?  If it isn't for the accolades or to fill some achievement void from when you were just an uncoordinated nerd who was no good at any sport...don't judge.  We all have our issues.  Why do you run?  My husband likes to say "would you ask me why I brush my teeth or why I get up in the morning or why I eat."  To him he runs because it is part of him.  Of course, temper that with the knowledge that he is a lunatic that has run everyday for the last 907 days.  I think I get his point.  No small feat since it has rarely happened in the last 21 years together, so I should definitely get some marriage cred here.  I get asked the why do you run question a lot, especially by non-runners.  If I get it I am sure "real" runners get it more.  I think the point is that it is the wrong question.  Why I ran today was different in some small way from why I ran yesterday.  Overall I run because I am a better me when I run.  I think the answer to the question when non-runners ask, why do you run? Is why don't you run?

Enjoy National Running Day.  Also this week is full of my favorite holidays!  Today is Hug Your Cat Day.  Since I have six, I should probably sign off and start doing that!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot Hot Hot...Weekend in Running & Goals

Okay it is Georgia in June.  So it hot and humid and I usually try to minimize these impacts by running before dawn.  Well I do that except for the weekend when I run with my hubby.  So we were out and running around high noon Saturday and Sunday.  I can definitely feel that I am out of practice with these high temp runs.  It was a real effort and I was definitely slower.  Good thing I have a really light racing schedule until later in the summer.  Hubby is out of school and I am working...this is my favorite time of year.  Nothing like getting up at 4:30 AM, 2 hours after your better half went to bed.

Oh well I am still streaking, which is no big deal since it has only been 12 days.  It is the beginning of a new week and a new month so goal time.

June Goal - Run everyday as part of the Runner's World 2013 Summer Challenge. I think that is a broad enough goal for the month.

Weekly Goals
Return to some strength training.  Shoulder is fully healed and I definitely need to get back at some upper body training.
Cook at home more this week.  I have some good food and hubby has the grill.  Of course not Tuesday.  We go to our local park for Food Truck Tuesday.  great community event and great food.

Read More.  I started a great book by the Author of Kite Runner so I am excited.

Still working on being present and in the moment - will continue that.

Also still trying to work on adding value in my interactions.

Of course run everyday...see only monthly goal.

Hope you have a great week and success with your goals!!