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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week in Review

This week was pretty good.  It was also my first experience with my Fitbit Charge HR.  I am a geek, so being able to see so many stats about my fitness is weirdly motivating and also I know, a little weird.  I have been tracking in My Fitness Pal also and my charge links to that account.

Monday - I got in a pre-work 5K and stayed within my calorie count.
Tuesday - Got in a 4:30 AM 5K and a 30 minute after work strength session
Wednesday - A quick 3.2 at 4:30 AM
Thursday  - I got a 2 and 1/2 mile run in and then hit Gym for after work strength session
Friday - We did a 2 mile shakeout in anticipation of the Peachtree Road Race
Saturday - Walked 3 1/2 miles navigating PRR, ran Peachtree Road race Largest 10K in the US at least.  Historic weather.  I will do a more complete report later.

I have a question and observations for the week.

We are headed to the beach on Friday for a weekend trip followed by three days in Savannah for the annual Georgia Water Conference.  I am thinking I will wear my Fitbit but seriously thinking about not logging in My Fitness Pal.  Just taking a break and enjoying my vacation.  Thoughts?

Also two quick observations.  One is a victory lap.  I have been trying to get hubby to the chiropractor.  Those who read my blog know I go every week and I find it super helpful.  Especially since running is tough on the body, older bodies in particular.  Hubby finally went and I have added him to my plan.  He could not stopping talk about how good it felt.  I am happy, not because I was right, but because I think he will actually feel better and be healthier.

Eating real food at home, bringing real food from home for lunch and giving up alcohol make a huge difference in my overall health! Duh!  Just thought I would let you now. Stayed within my calorie goal everyday.    Have a great week.  Four days of work then beach bound!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

That Moment

Yesterday I came in from my morning run and I was doing my usual post run routine.  As I was stretching out my hips I bent at the waist and all of a sudden my palms were on the floor.  I know that is what is supposed to happen in an ideal world, but not if you are as inflexible as me.  The best part is I wasn't even trying to do that  I long ago accepted that I might be strong, and run at a decent speed but I was never going to be a one of those Gumby like yogis or a Pilates instructor.  I mean we all have gifts, right?  Being able to touch my toes was not one of mine.

There I was in the basement rec room and I was hands on the floor standing up.  Then I went over to the wall for my next set of post run stretches and I was doing some quad and and calf stretches and I did not need to hold the wall for stability.  I thought "huh?  When did that happen?"  Then I realized. I have just tried lately to focus really consistently on running, stretching and getting in my strength training.  I was not doing anything crazy or targeted.  I was just shooting for fitness and lo and behold fitness happened.

All of that is to say, if it feels like you are not making forward progress, keep at it.  Be consistent.  You are making progress your body just needs to catch up.

by the way love my Fitbit Charge HR.  I will tell you all about it after I have used it a few more days and actually know what I am talking about!!