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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chillaxin' on Saturday

Today after a hot 4 miler at Silver Comet, Hubby and I headed out to the Decatur Book Festival.  It is the largest independent book festival in the U.S.  Not only that, but it also turns out that Decatur is a charming little artsy, liberal hub that hubby and I really enjoyed.  The book festival was great and we got some books and had some great food at a little Mexican place and some good beer.   All in all it was a great day, a little warm maybe, but this is Atlanta. 

The Coolest part was hubby was a big hit at the Book Festival.  He had on his UC Santa Cruz shirt sporting the Banana Slug Mascot (no seriously that is their mascot).  Of course for you movie buffs you may remember it of Pulp Fiction Fame.  At the Book Festival there was a children's author that had written a book called the Sophisticated Slug the story of Sammy the Slug (you guessed it the mascot.)  Well she had to take a picture of him and it already made it to Facebook.  Also tons of folks at the festival really appreciated hubby's liberal schooling.  He was feeling among his peeps.  Of course we had to buy the book and the author even signed it.

It was a fun day.  Finally had a holiday weekend with some decent weather.  Don't know if it will hold out, but we enjoyed today and that is what it is all about.  Long run on tap for the weekend but haven't decided which day since we have an extra.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Running on Sunshine!

I am totally not sure I deserve this but feel really honored the Brian at Strides nominated me.  I love Brian's blog.  Whenever I see a new post I know I will be smiling and laughing even if it has been a long today.  That and we share a love of cats.  You can't lose. 

So Brian nominated 10 folks and gave us 10 questions to answer.  So here goes.

1. What is your dream run, location-wise? 
I love running along rivers and lakes.  I am a water resource manager so that is kind of my thing.  I would love to run along the water in Sydney Australia.  Maybe because I really want to go to Australia.

2. Does your significant other share your running passion and, if not, is this an issue?

Not only does he share it; he got me started.  I think he regrets it now.  No just kidding, he is really supportive.  I always tell  him I know he is a great teacher (his day job) because if you could teach me to run you could probably teach a raccoon sign language.

3. Do you ever see yourself not running? Why?

This question is tough for me.  The answer in my heart is no, but in the back of my head I know Rheumatoid Arthritis runs in my family and someday it may be a reality for me.  What's that saying?  "Someday  I might not be able to is not that day. "

4. Has running prevented more "injuries" than it's caused?

I would say yes.  I would say not just injuries but illness.  I have been healthier or I have gotten over it faster.  Running has just made me stronger and made me take better care of myself because I don't want to miss out on running.

5. Running preference---rain or snow?

I live in Georgia so if I could run snow that would be an awesome experience.  I am scared of ice though so rain in the world i live in so I probably choose rain.

6. Favourite sports team or individual

Confession time the only sports I really like are track and things like ice skating and gymnastics so I guess individual. 

7. T.V. shows---week-to-week or "binge" watching?

I am addicted to Food Network, especially chopped and the all their competition shows.  I also love Master Chef.  What can I tell you I like to watch people make food I know I should not eat.

8. Do you have other blogs? Which gets the most time?

I had a blog that I never got into so I deleted it.  I guess I wasn't as inspired, or it could be until recently I was a workaholic.  Running helped me go into recovery.  I have been a recreational writer all my life, always loved it so I really enjoy this outlet.

9. or Google+?

Google +.  I  think it is more interactive and easier.

10. Do you want to run? Or do you have to?

I think I started wanting to run, but now I really feel off when I don't run and frustrated if I plan to run and something happens so I am in the have to camp now.  

 Now I get the pleasure of nominating 10 blogs.  Not easy because I enjoy reading a lot of your blogs and I find them very inspiring.  Here goes?

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Congrats to all of you and thanks for inspiring me. 
  If you'd like to participate, here's what you need to do:
1. Post the award logo in a post.
2. Link back to the person that nominated you.
3. Answer my ten questions on your blog post.
4. Nominate ten blogger friends, let them know, and post links to them.
  Here are 10 questions.

1) Cat person or dog person?
2) Favorite guilty pleasure song?
3) What was the best day of your life?
4) Favorite childhood memory?
5) What is your favorite race distance?
6) Are you a road warrior, trail adventurer or treadmill enthusiast?
7) What is your favorite cause or charity?
8) What one word would your best friend use to describe you?
9) What is your favorite thing about running?
10) What do you hate about running?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From No Way to Speed Play

I am not sure that worked this morning.  It was one of those days where you look over and your pretty sure your alarm clock says time to get up, but you can't quite convince yourself to do that.  I also know how much I suck at running after work and today I had to work late and hubby and I wanted to go to our favorite weekly guilty pleasure, Food Truck Tuesday.  I mean if you can't indulge every now and then why am I getting up at 4:20 everyday to run.  Maybe it was because I had not been sleeping well.  My shoulder had been killing me and there is nothing to help a sore shoulder like a parade of 6 giant cats standing on it and stepping over it all night.  I am not sure how many times I had to stop myself from flinging an unsuspecting kitty off the bed and waking hubby with a whole bunch of expletives.

Anyway I decided to bite the bullet. Let's face it the options were just suck it up and run or let my little diabolic masseuses actually rip my arm out of the socket.  I got dressed, did my usual pre-run household stuff.  Further proof I was not in it today was how behind schedule I was.  May not seem like a big deal, but I promise you ask anyone who really knows me, especially hubby, and he will tell you I run my life try unsuccessfully to run his with military precision.  General Patton looks positively spontaneous next to me.  So being nearly 10 minutes behind already felt like my world spinning on the edge of out of control.  Out I went.  I just thought turn up the music, find a groove, get it done.

Funny thing, when you are looking for ways to amuse yourself (or convince yourself that being up this early running is not insane) you might actually amuse yourself.  I was feeling pretty good, even my shoulder seemed to hurt less.  I decided I would play around with Fartleks.  Sprint from this corner to that stop sign, etc.  It was surprisingly fun and even when I wasn't sprinting there was a net effect that slowing down from the sprint still meant an overall faster pace.  From not wanting to get out the door to speed work.  I would say that is almost spontaneous.

What do you do to get  in the running mood if you're not feeling it?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Week in Review: Bumps and Bruises...Literally

This week I both looked and felt like the second picture and of course it impacted my goals for the week and of course for the month.  If you read the blog you will know I fell on my Tuesday AM run.  Banged up my knee, pulled my back, and helped an old shoulder injury flare up.  Needless to say not a star performance for me. 

Monday - Regular 3 mile run and 2 minute plank
Tuesday - 3 mile run, face plant, and 1 minute plank (realization that I had also reinjured my shoulder.)
Wednesday - After work - 2 mile painful run (tight back, hamstring, and knee) 1.2 mile walk back to the car
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Regular 3 mile pre-dawn run (stayed on the feet).  Legs felt better but could feel my back and shoulder.
Saturday - 6 mile run with hubby.  felt good.  One hour of chopping and grinding chicken thighs for my kitties and a really painful shoulder.
Sunday - Three miles with hubby and the realization that plank a day was on hiatus until further notice from my shoulder.

On the bright side I did cook quite a bit this week and brought my lunch everyday Fruit, salt free pretzles, and a Kind bar.  I got hummus for this week. Today we had a yummy homemade chicken and veggie red curry.

Tomorrow I am going to try this recipe I saw in Runner's World Avacado Pasta.  I can't wait. I am obsessed with avacados and tomorrow is meatless Monday! 

BTW I injured my shoulder about 15 years ago.  I was a petsitter and I was playing soccer with a 150 lb Rottweiler who head butted my shoulder to get the ball.  This meme made laugh.  I love animals and I could totally see some of the malamutes I used to walk thinking this.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Peaceful Easy Saturday

I got so much done today.  I promised myself I would not bring work home this weekend for the first time in weeks.  Amazing that you can actually do so much of the things you have to do in your real life, when you don't bring the office home.  Finally got my oil changed, made my kitties homemade raw food, did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, went grocery shopping, had Pho at our favorite little Vietnamese restaurant and enjoyed a lovely 6 mile run. 

Since we had extra time today we went to downtown Atlanta and ran from the Beltline to the Freedom Parkway Trail.  We had been on the Freedom Parkway Trail a little in the past mostly to stretch out a run.  But today we used our run to explore the path and follow it to another park we love, Candler Park.  I love those runs where you can just enjoy the experience and see new stuff.  The best thing about this area is that it is full of public art so hubby, the art teacher, really enjoys it. 

That was a new installation along the Beltline.  Also learned a new word.  This piece is an assemblage.  It is made from other objects compiled together.  It is pretty cool really.

Also the sun was a surprise bonus, since we have only had a few days without rain since January.  It was BEAUTIFUL today.  Sunny, not as humid, and a mild mid-seventies morning.

I had to take a picture in front of the home base of one of our favorite local food trucks, King of Pops.  Also I thought I might need to look back at this picture to remind me why they call this the sunny south.

Here I am checking out the assemblage piece and the graffiti mural behind it.  I love exploring our city or new places while I run.  One of the benefits of running with my phone I can always snap a few picks.

Hope you all enjoyed a great Saturday too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rest Day and Half Training out of Town

Well yesterday I went out for a run post fall with my cut up leg and surprise, a sore mid back and painful hamstring.  Both of which I must have strained when I fell on Tuesday.  Funny how you don't notice that sitting at your computer all day, but go out for a run after work and it is crystal clear.  So even though my goal for the month was run everyday, my clumsy self thought better of that idea as I was walking the last mile of yesterday's run. Decided to take a rest day.  It feels better today but I am sure I will know how much better tomorrow morning when I go out for a slow and easy AM run.  Here's hoping.

Today I made my reservations for the biggest conservation/water resource conference of the year.  I go every year; it is in Vegas.  I will be there for the whole first week of October. Of course that is also a month before my half.  As you might expect hubby prefers I don't run alone outside in Vegas.   That is usually no problem.  They have a big gym at the conference hotel.  Normally I just need to do my 3 miles.  This time I will be half training and I am usually trying to add a long run in the middle of the week. 

I am not a treadmill lover and my schedule at the conference is crazy.  I am hoping that it won't affect my training for the half if I just maintain my 3 miles most days and do a long run when I return.  I fly back on Friday and we have a 10K Saturday AM.  Here's hoping it is no big deal.  I do have 4 weeks before the 1/2 when I get back.  Also I feel a little less pressure because I got my Peachtree qualifying time at Vinings last week, something I never thought I could do.  I still want to hit my goal of under 2 hours. 

Hope everything is going well.  Hoping I can run tomorrow with less pain.  Still feeling my back a little but hamstring seems better.  The scab on my knee will just take time.  Now my pride...that's another story!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sure it's all Fun and Games until the Road Rash

I have some breaking advice from the world of over 40 pre-dawn running!  You have to pay attention all the time!!  This morning, what a rare treat when hubby who had a busy day decided to join me on my run!  Little did I know how handy it would be, if say I was planning to be too busy talking about breaking in my shoes to watch for the curb in pitch dark and face plant in front of I don't know, 30 cars.  Okay it might have been 3.  What a break he was there in case he needed to call an ambulance!  Fortunately no ambulance was needed.  Nothing will remind you of how cool you aren't like a fresh case of road rash.
Don't be jealous.  Luckily it was not a bad fall.  I was able to brace myself.  I am fine.  Hubby will forever mourn that he did not have his cell phone camera poised and ready to take a video.  He probably won't make that mistake on our next run.  I think I will forgo my pitch dark run tomorrow am.  I suspect I might be a little sore in the morning.  I will wait it out and see how I feel after work. 

Before work or after work all senses will be fully engaged in my next run and my mouth will be closed.  Maybe my teachers had a point all those years.  "Kathy, closed mouth eyes front."  Maybe that is my new running mantra!  Lastly I will wear this proudly because you know when you never get road rash?  Sitting in front of the TV eating Ben and Jerry's. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week in Review: The Good and the Bad

This week was a mixed bag.  happy about some of it, not so happy about the rest of it.  I use my Dailymile week which runs Monday-Sunday so that I have the same stats.  So no excuses, right? I keep this blog to hang with other just struggling to get the balance right and who enjoy running, but also to hold myself accountable.  So it is weekly pay the piper time.

Bad: Low mileage week for me.  First time under 20 miles since I was sick months ago.  Last Sunday I had a really rough run, was feeling our multiple races and the heat.  Thought I might need to reign it in.

Missed my goal of running every day of August.  This week I had to do an out an back to South Georgia on Thursday.  I was feeling tired had a big race coming up on Saturday and I opted for a rest day Thursday.

No long run in 2 weeks.  Hopefully back at that next week.

Missed my plank on Thursday, just bagged the whole day.

Did not blog as much as I would like.  I was just feeling really tired this week.

Good: Dialing back on distance I focused on speed a little this week.  Paid off with a PR at my race Saturday. 

I did cook 4 days this week and most of it was pretty tasty as well as healthy.

Plank a day 6 days this week varied between 1 min. and 2 1/2 minutes.  Felt this payoff on my hilly run this week.

Found out I got accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  Pretty cool!!

Moving on:  You can't look back.  I am back at running everyday it feels good.  If my body says I need a rest day I am probably still going to listen to it.  The benefit, I am feeling more refreshed and ready for the week.  I brought a little work home for the weekend to get a head start.  I think overwhelming work commitments have also been wearing me down. 

Another week another opportunity.  Hope you have a great week!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reaching Goals - Vinings Downhill 5K Recap

First I have to say I do not know what is up with our weather.  Today was the third of our three races in a row and the one we had been waiting for, not burning ourselves out the last two weeks.  I can't believe this is Georgia in August! It was 63 degrees for the race this AM.  It feels like fall here and it is kind of freaky.  Made for surprising race conditions!

Hubby and I love this race because it starts virtually across the street from where we live and it has like an overall loss of elevation of 280 ft.  There are some uphills but there are a lot of downhills.  We got to enjoy all of the amenities of home before heading to the starting line, meaning my own bathroom, my energy drink, no port-a-potties or lines for us.  We had picked up our numbers last night so we were good to go and headed from home straight to the finish line.

The cooler weather made folks excited.  This race attracts some first time runners and some really fast runners.  The first timers are always disappointed when that first uphill occurs and they feel lied to, but this was our third time and if you run around Atlanta you already understand uphill happens.  The first 1/2 mile is the steepest descent.  Since we had had some light rain the oil on the road made it pretty slick.  I really could feel the plank a day working, as I slowed my pace and felt my core hold me steady on the slick terrain.  Then immediately following the steepest descent is the longest ascent, a little more than a quarter mile.  I decided this is where I could make up a little time.  I guess I was doing pretty well since a guy that I passed said to his wife or girlfriend "look at that girl in white.  She is flying up here.  I don't think her feet are touching the ground."  I love running uphill so I burned a little energy to make up for a slower start.

The rest of the course was pretty dry so up and downhill I was able to push a little.  After mile 2 and another sprint uphill felt my breathing a little too much.  Tried to settle down, slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.  It worked and I settled down.  The rest of the race felt pretty good.  As we turned toward the private school where the finish line is, a girl that was just ahead of me pulled off and was vomiting in the grass.  That is leaving it all on the course!  The worst thing about this race is the finish.  There are several short turns, and speed bumps and ironically it finishes uphill.  I had heard what I needed at mile 2.  The timer said 16 minutes and I knew my goal of 25 minutes was very doable.  So pedal to the metal and a mental check in!  "Hey girl it ends uphill but so does your run every morning.  You've got this."  Crossed the line and it said 25:14.  Official chip time was 24:52.

I was aiming for my Peachtree qualifier to move from E to D and I ended up in C.  Also it was the first time I ever ran an average sub 8 pace for a 5K.  In March of 2011 I ran my first 5K in 38 minutes.  I was proud of myself, because honestly I expected to be picked up by the sweeper or the ambulance in that race.  Today felt like all the hard work and training paid off.  Below 25 minutes isn't front of the pack by any means, but it is a goal I could not even imagine 3 years ago!  Of course hubby was a blur to me after we left the start.  Found him at the water station he had finished with a chip time of 23:22 exactly 1:30 faster than me!

In other news I am so excited to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!  More about that in an upcoming blog!  Hope you had a successful race if you were racing this weekend or at least had some fun running!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Will Run for...

So sometimes running sucks and sometimes running is an opportunity to see or experience something that you would never got to experience if you were sleeping in or driving a car.  I thought what do I run for?  For hubby that is easy.  He runs for ice cream and beer.  I mean don't we all?

Here are a few things I run for:

1) Bagels ( admitted carb addict)
2) Balance - running is the thing that helped me realize there is more to life than work.
3) Energy - Don't feel the same on  a day I don't run.
4) Health - I wish they would add a lin on family medical history that said all of the above it would save me a lot of time.
5) Seeing a meteor shower to start my week - yesterday amazing.
6) Really seeing your neighborhood in a new way
7) New shoes.  I am a girl, right?
8) My husband - best running partner and a healthy hobby we can share.
9) Exploring both my surroundings and my limits
10) Peace of mind
11) The day I can' is not that day.

What do you run for?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sometimes Running Sucks

There is no sugar coating it, no philosophical higher ground; sometimes you go out to run, you get out there and all you want is for it to be over.  Today was one of those days.  I was one of those whiny, unhappy, everything is wrong this will never be okay again people I hate.  We went out for our Sunday run.  Should have been our weekly long run.  I had already talked myself out of we were going to go out and drive the race route for Vinings Downhill, the race we have next Saturday.  We did that and strategized where to park, where we could walk from in the morning, where the small inclines were and where we could to qoute a co-worker "open it up."  This race happens in our neighborhood so we don't have to get  up as early and there is a net loss of altitude that is pretty significant.  It is a pretty fast course.  Even though we have been doing back to back races this is the race where we will run on our own and push for personal bests.  Translation I won't be holding my husband back.  Hubby uses it for a Peachtree qualifier and I do too unless I happen to hit my half marathon goal (which today seems like an impossible feat.)  I know intellectually that is not true, but emotionally it feels thousands of miles out of reach.

Well while scoping the course I had a side stitch, don't know why.  By the time we got to the park for our run my legs felt like lead, it was HOT and HUMID.  So not in the mood for this today.  It was just one of those days.  Breathing was hard, legs and whole body felt tired.  I just wanted to get my mile in so I could count my run everyday of August goal still ongoing.  We ran two miles and I told hubby I was fried.  I apologized all the way home for cutting his run short.  Sometimes you just don't feel it.  I know tomorrow is another day.  Just to get in the mind set I laid out my shoes and clothes for tomorrow morning's run.  I am sure runs like today make me appreciate the good runs more, but today is just cheesy with a side of whine.  Hope you had a better run.

Theme for this week: take it easy and save it for race day! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What We Give Up for Running

Okay so we blog, Facebook, Pin, Tweet, Instagram, Tumble, etc. all the time about what we get from running.  This morning as hubby and I were up before our 5:30 alarm for the second of 3 races in a row;  I thought what ever happened to sleeping in on Saturdays?  There was a time, not long, long ago in a castle in the woods, time ago, but like 2 and 1/2 years ago where he would set the alarm on Saturday for races. I would pull the covers over my head and murmur some endearing encouragement like, "you're an idiot. Turn off the light."  So of course that led me to think even though I get a lot from running I have to admit, as we all have to admit, we give up some things for running.  So here is a short list of things I have had to let go of as I became a runner and certainly a more committed runner.

1) Sleeping in on the weekends.  I have definitely let this go.  Whether we have a race or not we still have to get our run in, so up and on with our day we go.

2) Immaculate toes.  I wear open toe shoes, and I have always painted my nails but I have to say I don't touch up during the week and running gives them that lived in look.  I don't think nail salons are going to start using the inside of a running shoe to polish up a pedicure anytime soon. 

3) A normal reaction when someone says what are you doing this weekend?  Just watch their faces when your answer always start with..."I have a race, we are doing our long run, we are going to the track to practice."  They would look at me differently if I just said "you know, just going to the mall."

4) Choosing a hotel for the pool.  I think we all know it is about the treadmill or proximity to a park or sidewalk.

5) I will never again not know the word Fartlek.

6) Being able to say with 100% certainty I would not run  (in rain, snow, freezing weather, extreme heat, or the dark, that late, that early, etc.)

7) Peace of mind when you wake up with a sore knee just thinking it will be a little inconvenience but certainly won't alter my day and no worries like "this is going to cost me the $70.00 entry fee into next months race because this is the end of running as I know it."

8) The blissful ignorance of things like PF, and  ITB injuries, and KT Tape.

9) Going out to party all night carefree no need to worry that it will seriously impact the speed work you had planned for tomorrow.

10) Staying up late.  I may be focused, but I am not a super hero.  If you are going to run at 4:30 AM you better make a serious effort to get bed on time.  I can't wait to fall back.  Maybe it will be dark when I go to bed.  I miss that. 

I am sure you have given things up for your love of running.  Love to hear about your favorites.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Friday

This week has been busy at work but a good one for workouts.  Just tried to stay consistent. I managed to run everyday and keep up with my plank a day and fit in some extra core work.  I can actually tell the difference the plank a day is making when I finish my runs uphill during the week.

Saturday we had the Atlanta's Finest 5K.  Not a PR for me, but a respectable 27 minute finish.  We are in the middle of our annual 3 race weekend August all back to back.  I don't know why we do this in August?  Surely there is an easier way to torture ourselves.  Anyway we are mostly treating the first two races like speedy group runs.  Saving ourselves for the third race.  Vinings Downhill.  Plank for 2 minutes.

Sunday wanted to still get in a little longer run.  We did 5 1/2 at Silver Comet Trail.  This was a first, when hubby was like "let's run a little further."  Usually that is me.  I am the distance girl; he is the streaker.Plank for 1:07

Monday usual 3.1 round the hood - Plank for 1:30
Tuesday 3.25 usual route - Plank 1:17
Wednesday one more 5K at 4:30 AM round Vinings Plank 1:40
Thursday pre-dawn and work 5K. Plank 1:11
Friday race tomorrow cut it short - 2.25 - Plank 1:30

Eating was pretty good this week.  Kind bar and fruit for lunch everyday but today.  Business lunch at a Mexican restaurant but I ordered Chicken and Rice soup it has so many yummy veggies.

Cooked pretty healthy meals at home. 

Pretty good week. I am a creature of habit when it comes to running.  I mentally commit to just doing it every morning.  It may take a tremendous sense of adventure, but it makes me feel good and it is the best way to start my busy work day.

Hope you all had a successful week.  If not there is always next week.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Running Motivation Comes in all Forms

So today I rolled out of bed at 4:20 for my morning run.  Got to admit I was not feeling it at first, but August goals!  Run everyday and plank a day.  The never fail of having my running clothes staring at me in the bathroom and my shoes right there gave me no excuse.  So I got ready and headed out the door after of course feeding 6 cats, who apparently had slipped to the edge of starvation in the 8 hours since there late night snack.  No one fully understands how they suffer; but if you ask them they will do their best to act it out for you. 

I left the house confident that even if I did not feel like it; I never regret the run.  I often regret the decision to just sleep that extra 40 minutes.  Two years ago if someone had said you will have more energy if you get up and run instead of sleeping that extra time I would have been like "okay, whacko."  I know, right?  Who knew?  Oh yeah the whacko. Anyway while I was out on my run I realized it was Wednesday and on the way back I would see the local chapter of Black Girls Run heading down Atlanta Road on the opposite side they are regular MWF runners.  I don't know why but that group is really inspiring to me.  I love there "no girl left behind" slogan.  I love the way no matter how long it takes, they stand at the finish line and support their last runner.  Today they changed their route and I found myself running with them for the last 3/4 mile of my run on the uphill climb to my home.  It was amazingly motivating to see them running together, encouraging each other.  I tried to stay with them but I needed to get home and get ready to work so I said my "excuse me on your lefts" and passed the group to head home. 

On good runs I can get a decent negative split even though the last 3/4 mile is uphill and the rest of the run is downhill and then flat.  I did not expect that today, because to begin with I was not feeling it.  I owe BGR for the motivation today.  When my phone went off and told me my last split I was really surprised.  I had an unexpectedly good run today.  It goes to show you; you never know what will happen if you just head out the door. 

What or who motivates you?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Time to Set Some Goals

Okay so it is not the first day of the month but it is the first day of my running week.  So I decided I would do an August Goals post today.  I was thinking about it as I ran this morning.  Morning runs are great for getting a fresh perspective.  For me anyway.  I find evening runs are a great way to get past stress or a bad day.  Of course  if you are me you also have to be able to get geared up to run late in the day.  Which is a struggle for me.  I digress, oh yeah accountability time.

1) I want to run everyday of August.  I ran everyday of July except one when I was swamped at my conference.
2) I want to read two books.  I am reading a good book right now Between Two Oceans
3) I need to get a Request for Proposals written for work.  I have to admit I have been putting it off.
4) I want to do my plank a day.  Amazingly I think even that is making my core stronger.  Some days I add extra core and strength training.
5) I am still working on that being present thing so I want to start putting my phone up for the night around dinner.  Maybe some concrete action will get me closer.
6) Cook at least 4 days a week preferably 5.  We eat better when I cook and it is cheaper.

I think that is probably enough for August, but I am sure there are other things I need to work on too.  They will have to wait until September.  

What are your goals for the upcoming week or month?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Racing Today

Today was Atlanta's Finest 5K.  This is the Atlanta Track Club's race that benefits the APD's Foundation.  It is their way of thanking the Atlanta Police for their support all year.  It is a great race.  The cadet class runs chanting the whole the race.  The pre and post race event take place at Centennial Olympic Park and Pemberton Place (World of Coke and GA Aquarium).  We even got to pose for photos in front of Atlanta's newest landmark our new Ferris Wheel.

We were taking it easy this race.  This is the first of three back to back to back 5K's on our schedule.  We will take the first two as training runs.  The third race, Vinings Downhill, happens right here in our backyard.  It is a pretty fast course and we will run our own races that day.  Today was a fun race.  We saw some of our track club friends and enjoyed, what has been a rare sunny day this summer.

We ran from the middle of the pack.  It was really congested at the beginning and there was a lot of zigzagging in and out, up on the sidewalk, outside the cones.  We settled into a pace around 8:45/mile and with so much moving around I finished the race at 3.19 miles on my Ismooth Run app in 28:06.  This race was pretty big, over a thousand runners.  Finished 12th in my AG out of 85.  So not bad.  We were just having fun.  I am always happy to return to a race I have run before.  This was third time running this race.  It was only the second race I ever ran in 2011.  I had to walk up the hills.  Today I saw the hills and said to my husband what I usually do, "now will be my time to pass some folks."  I love running uphill and I can usually get to some open area for a more comfortable race.  Of course the best part is always sharing these mornings with my best friend and running partner, my husband.

It feels good to be back to a regular race schedule and I am always amazed at how much more we get done when we start our day early by racing.