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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What a Day for Runners

Wow! What an emotional day for runners.  Maybe as emotional as last year but for a far different and better reason.  A year ago we were all in shock and blogs were full of sadness, resolve, and disbelief.  This year the blogs shouted abut Meb's victory at Boston.  His stretch goal and the names he bore on his bid and the way he broke down weeping.  An American winning  what some might argue was the most significant running of the Boston Marathon.  It was an indelible image replacing last year's indelible images. 

Beyond Meb, there were 36,000 runners who each had there own triumphant, resilient moment on Boylston Street.  They all found there Boston Strong and they showed the world what a runner is.  How we run not just from the legs, as so wrongly assumed, but from the heart.  There may never have been a race run more by heart than  Boston yesterday.  I did a short little 5K under the stars yesterday and I thought about the runners whose excitement was building as they got ready in Boston.  I thought about every runner who ran yesterday proving that we are all Boston Strong.  Well done to all who gave their heart yesterday whether on the course at Boston or just outside their door.  It was a day to be proud that you are a runner.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Successful Week and First Race since Recovery

This week was a six run week!!  My first in almost a month!  Saturday was also my first race in over a month.  I can definitely say I am out of race shape, but I did finish and clearly the field for the Singleton 5K was weak because I still placed 4th in my age group despite being over 3 minutes slower than my PR and more than 2:30 over my typical 5 K time. This race was not really about racing.  It was about getting back to normal.  For me that means getting up at 5 AM on Saturday with the hubby headed to all parts of Metro ATL.  This was the ATC Singleton 5K and it was a brand new course in downtown Norcross.  We had never been there and it was super cute.  Of course the best part was we were parked right across the street from a really cute breakfast place where we headed after the race.  Great breakfast burrito and good coffee.

This week I was back at early morning runs and I was out of town and happy to be able to get everything in despite a busy schedule.  I also managed to get some strength training in and made some good meals when I got back in town.  This week will busy.  It is Earth Week and that is a crazy time at work!  I still plan to get in my runs! 

We did get some bad health news about a member of my family.  These things are always difficult, and helping out will definitely continue to make blogging a challenge.  On the other side of that, things like this happen and they also remind you to value the wonderful people and things in your life.  I choose to try and stay on that side of things since we can't really change what has happened.

Today I am grateful for my husband who is truly my life partner is every way!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Good to Be back

I just put away my laundry!  Does not sound like breaking news, except for the first time in 4 weeks there were running clothes in my laundry.  After a new change in meds and new pre-running allergy plan for reactive airway disorder I was able to run, even in the pollen dusted ATL.  I got in 5 runs and three strength training sessions this week!  I am so excited. 

Tomorrow will be my first run back over 4 miles.  Hubby and I are planning on an easy six on Silver Comet.  The weather today was fabulous and tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful.  I was also happy that I was able to stick to my recovery plan, with a 5 un week.  I am hoping for a 6 run week next week.  It will be a challenge, because I am also travelling for work and I have still been a little tired at the end of the day.  I plan to listen to my body.  I am not looking to have any setbacks. 

I realized a few things this week while getting back in the saddle.

1. Sometimes the mental hurdle is more challenging then the physical.  I think when I first started back I worried more about being stuck out there not able to breathe, and did not even really tune into the fact that my breathing was  okay. 
2. I must have had a strong fitness base because after almost 4 weeks with barely any exercise I was back at my fairly normal running pace by mid-week.  We will see how endurance took a hit on the run tomorrow and I have a race next Saturday so we shall see.
3. Running really does make me feel like a different person.  When I can run I am calmer, more centered, nicer and I definitely have more energy.  So I am sure everyone I work with, and certainly live with, are probably happy I can run.
4. When you can't run all you ever see on your way anywhere is people running and it makes you mad.  Once you can run you certainly don't focus on them as much.

Here is hoping everything is going well for you! Looking forward to my first long run in my New Balance Minimus 00 Road Version 2 tomorrow. 

I bet you already know what I am grateful for today...what a nice run today in the warm sunshine!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Been a While

So it has been a while.  This break from running and blogging was brought to you by Pneumonia, which I have been dealing with for the last three weeks  I thought it was bronchitis and a sinus infection, to be fair, may have started that way.  Just so my husband feels vindicated, might have stayed that way if I took some time off from work and rested before pneumonia forced me to do that.  So since mid-march I am pretty sure my mileage has not reached double digits, however a couple of attempted runs did almost result in my passing out, due to lack of oxygen. 

All of this is to say after yet another medication change I am finally back among the living and feel like myself. Today I was able to enjoy a little 3 and a half mile run with my hubby.  I also finally got through this ridiculous work period and got an important reminder about taking it easy sometimes.  I have some weekend work and out of town trips coming up, but I think I will balance them with leaving early on slower days and finding some down time.  I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of my fitness activities and back to some regular blogging.  So far 2014 has been a challenging one.  I am looking forward to the return of warm weather and running. 

Also apparently I have reactive airway disease and now have a brand new inhaler and Singulair to take during the allergy season before I run.  According to my Dr. this will prevent the regular cases of bronchitis I get a coupe of times a year.  Here's hoping. 

Today I am grateful to have some energy and super grateful to be able to run!