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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Month in Review

Today is the last day of July and I had to be the weirdo running in the torrential monsoon this AM otherwise I would have missed my 100 miles in July goal.  Lucky me I had company! Hubby had to start back to school today.  So he joined me on my 4:30 AM run this morning.

We started out and I said oh good thing we are running early it is already drizzling. Well, drizzling gave way to downpour around 1 mile out.  Hey it's only rain so we finished our 1.5 out.  You know the funny thing about an out and back?  No matter what happens during the out there is only one way back.  So for us that was a little run/swim back home.  I have a soaked running skirt, sports bra and shoes to prove I made 101 miles for July.

Other accomplishments:

I did mange to keep up my plank a day
I ran everyday this month but one (while at my conference)
I read two books
I did cook more when we were at home
I focused on helping some folks at work and really invested in mentoring some people.
Hubby and I found time to be together.
We completed two races and are ready to start August with 3 back to back.  Starting Saturday!

All  in all it was a successful, not perfect month.  I am sure I did not eat as well as I could have and I am pretty sure I remember the occasional glass of wine.  With hubby back at work the daily routine has returned here.  Looking forward to a fun August.  let's hope we get a break from the rain.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Turning Back Now...Soldiers Half Here I come

So we booked  and prepaid for our hotel for the Soldiers Half Marathon in Columbus in November.  Thanks to a friend, who ran it last year, we got one of the last rooms at a new hotel built right across the street from the start and from where I have to pick up my number when we get in Friday evening.  This is also our anniversary weekend so we are staying Friday and Saturday and we sprung the extra $15/night for the King Suite.  This hotel wasn't even listed on the Soldiers site, but I feel so lucky to get it since we don't know the area this will cut down on logistics considerably.  Also hubby can head back to the hotel for an hour or so before heading out to meet me at mile 12.

I have never done a destination race so this is the first time I will be travelling and then running.  I will be sure to pack a couple of options based on the weather and I told hubby I would pack my pre-race usual 1/2 bagel with peanut butter.  I am so lucky because even though he isn't running he is my best race partner.  He has been looking over the course map and explaining the route and prepping me.  All of this, and he is spending his anniversary weekend cheering me on at my second half.  I think he is a keeper.

So my goal is under 2 hours.  I am not sure I can do it, but it is what I am shooting for this time.  I was 2:04 on my first and it was freezing and super hilly.  I am hoping I can improve on that.  Today we did 7 miles at the Atlanta Beltline.  It was my first longer run in my new Altra Intuition.  I am thinking those will be my half shoes.  They felt pretty good today and I know I have time to break them in more before the race.  I am excited to be doing another 1/2.  I love that distance.  It is enough of a challenge for me to up my training without me having to give up too much time training.  I just don't think I am a marathon kind of girl and I am okay with that.  I don't think it makes me less of a runner.  I am open to any advice from those who have traveled for a race. Fortunately for me it is just a 2 hour drive so it is an easy way first time away.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Running Around

I am not sure when my husband and I started planning our whole weekend around running.  It just seems to have happened.  After breakfast it is like our whole day is in a holding pattern while we look at the weekend forecast choose Saturday or Sunday for our longer run and decide our running destination.  A promise of better weather and far less errands had us push back our longer run until tomorrow.  So excited, because we are getting up and heading straight to the Atlanta Beltline and Piedmont Park for around a 7 mile run.  I love running the beltline and I love Dancing Goat Coffee right around the corner after we finish up!

So today was an easy 3 at Silver Comet and many errands.  I don't know when our healthy lifestyle trickled down to our cats but an hour of my morning was spent making their homemade raw food for the next two weeks.  If we are going to try and eat well they should have the same opportunity. Raw food is great for them since it is all bioavailable.  They eat that and an organic grainless canned food, we also had to pick that up today.  It is amazing that a good diet and more exercise makes for healthier more active cats. Just like people!  Of course with 6 of them flying through the house like acrobats I might need to rethink that idea.  

Unfortunately, our organic petfood store is right next to our running store.  I hate when that happens.  I was out of Nuun so we headed over to replenish and look around.  I am trying two new flavors (Citrus and Strawberry Lemonade).  I also picked up a magnetic LED reflector for my pre-dawn runs.  I think it has a good design and it will stay on.  We have a cheap little one with a plastic clip we got at a race but it is not very stable.  

After all the running around I was reading on our porch and the mailman delivers my monthly Ellie Fit Fashionista Club outfit.  It is so cute.  I don't have any compression shorts and I love my capris and tights so I think I will really like these.  I also am so addicted to running tanks.  So much cooler and no extra bra means convenience.  Saturday was dedicated to our cats and our love of running.  

Can't wait to enjoy an early morning run tomorrow with hubby.  I wonder if we will run into the new Path Force, a specially formed police unit to patrol and guard the beltline!  Hope you had a fun Saturday!

What now?  I did not use your sports bra to take a nap.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Inspiration

It has been an unbelievably long week at work.  Still getting my runs in and my plank a day but struggling to write a thoughtful blog post.  Instead I decided to share some random pics I have collected from the interwebs that inspire or uplift me for different reasons.  Enjoy!

I hope you feel more inspired or uplifted or just had a fun laugh!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rotating Shoes

So I do run nearly everyday.  I currently have 5 pairs of road running shoes in rotation:
New Balance Minimus Rd - 338 miles
New Balance 730 - 352 miles
Merrell Bare Access - 104 miles
Skechers Go Run - 140
Altra Intuition - 3 miles (six by tomorrow AM)

All of my pairs are minimal but the Go Runs and the 730's are not zero drop.  I am by nature pretty orderly so I usually run through a rotation and just change the shoe each day.  I am gearing up to get ready for my upcoming half in November and my NB shoes have racked up more miles than my other shoes.  The Minimus are my favorite shoe and when I go wild and out of order they are most often what I choose.  I am thinking I will wear the Altra's for my half so I know I need to put some more miles on them and get them broken in beforehand.

Last week I noticed my Merrells had not hit 100 miles so when I was away in Savannah I only brought the Merrells.  The shoes have gotten a lot more comfortable as I have run in them more. Is there any rhyme or reason to the shoes you choose to wear? Should I phase out my NB pairs since they have more mileage?  With my Saucony Kinvaras it was an easy decision.  The upper ripped and the sole wore down.  With my Brooks Pure Flow I stopped wearing them because they were too much shoe.  The NB still look good and still feel good.

I know I need to give the Altras some attention so I may be trying to wear those and the Merrells twice a week and rotating in the others as needed.  I do have one pair of Trail shoes NB 110's. They only have 170 miles on them and they are my oldest shoes.  Tells you how much I run trails I guess.  I never had this many pairs of running shoes so this is a new issue for me.  I guess it is a good one to have!  To be honest, if you asked me 2 years ago I would have said I don't ever want to have any running shoes.  Times change.

Do you have a shoe rotation routine?  Do you have a favorite go to shoe?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meeting Challenges

One of the things I love about running is those unexpected challenges that come up.  Today was one of those days.  Hubby and I set out for Bob Callan Trails.  I told him I had never run here.  As we ran further I realized we were on the backside of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area (Paces Mill).  I was immediately a little nervous.  Paces Mill is an area where we have run before but it has two enormous and steep hills that I have tried to run and been unsuccessful.

As we were running Bob Callan hubby said, "so we will be going down these large hills and then coming back up."  As we got onto the hills I recognized the area and thought to myself "no way."  Hubby must be psychic because he said, "when we come back we can just walk up the hills.  I do it all the time."  I know that's a lie.  He never walks once he has completed his warm up until he is doing his cool down.  He has been with me when I have been unable to make it up the hills especially in hot, humid weather like today.  Also the hills are the only full sun concrete part of the path.  Of course they are!

As we approached the hills after our run out hubby says okay we can walk.  I said "no let's just slow down our pace a little and see how far I can make it."  I was proud when we got to the top of the first hill.  Further than I had before.  Of course that imbued me with a false sense of confidence as the second ascent followed right on the heels of the first.  I wanted to say let's walk, but I knew I had been training. I had been running hills.  I have done tough, hilly Atlanta races.  So I just tightened up my core and focused at the top and finished the hills.  After the hills I still had some left in the tank and we finished the rest of our run at a nice pace.

That is one of the things I love about running.  You may not get to meet that many challenges in your day to day life, but out there running there is always an opportunity to challenge yourself to go a little further, or do something you would have shied away from before.  It was a fun run and I definitely could see that my hard work was paying off.

Hope you had a fun weekend and got some running in too?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fitness Friday

This was a busy week, with being out of town and all my conference duties but it was pretty exciting too.  The beginning of the week meant early morning treadmill runs at the hotel.  When I came back to Atlanta a friend from Dailymile was in town.  We arrange to meet at the Panera Bread across from where I live and ran around my neighborhood.  It was so cool to get to run with a friend that supports me and that I support virtually.  He was exactly like I always thought he would be when we communicate through Dailymile.  We did an easy 4 miles so we could visit.

Today hubby and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful, but hot weather and head out to the Big Creek Greenway.  Today we had company, a mommy deer and her fawn.  It was so cool.  I had to stop and take a picture.  Since we came all the way out to the Greenway, and rain is expected back in the area for the weekend (what a nice change of pace...NOT) we did 6 miles and just kind of took our time.  

Yesterday one of the running stores we frequent, Natural Strides, posted on Facebook and sent an electronic mailing that they were holding a back room sale.  All the merchandise in the back room would be 75% off on Friday and Saturday.  Since I had taken the end of the week off after the conference, we decided to check out the sale before everything was picked over. We love Natural Strides because they specialize in minimal footwear and that is all we wear.  Also a bonus for me, they are the only local store that actually carries in stock women's running shoes in sizes 5 and 6.  I can actually buy off the rack.  Love that!  

Of course I was a little scared going because both of us going to a running store with a huge sale is a little kid in the candy store.  I am happy to report we both held to just one pair of shoes each and I had to get some orange GU Brew.  I almost fell out when the guy at the store said, "okay with your $10 loyalty discount it is $49.12."  I was this close to saying are you sure?  We got shoes, good shoes, for less than $25/pair.  Hubby bought a second pair of the Altra Ones and I bought my first pair of Altras, the Intuition.  I am so excited to wear them for a test run tomorrow.  They are both zero drop, because that is what we wear most of the time. I have 3mm drop NB 730 and a 4mm drop Skecher Go Run for recovery.  I am excited because these Altras may be my new half marathon shoe.  I am still deciding about the Merrell Bare Access.  The only problem with the Merrell is they are a little narrow and when my feet swell on a longer run I want to be comfortable, the Altra is very roomy.  

All in all I got in more running than expected and I manged to continue my plank a day.  I got to work hard and have a little downtime.  Who doesn't love deer and new shoes?  What was the highlight of your week?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy Conference Week and Working Out

Got back yesterday from Savannah.  It is such a beautiful city and the conference was great.  It was busy, but really nice to see all my fellow water professionals.  The days started early and ended late.  Also Savannah is a beautiful city steeped in Southern traditions.  It is steeped in Southern food.  Heavy on the fried, light on veggies.  It is a challenge to find a really health food choice!  Also the heat and humidity kick the running effort up a notch.

I did manage to run everyday except for Monday.  Monday another member and I organized a Fun Run for the conference attendees. I guess helping others run is as good a reason as any to miss my workout.  We had to be out at 5 AM to organize the run and then I had to get showered and back at the conference.  By the end of the day the motivation was lacking.

I did make my additional days to confidently claim completing the Runner's World Summer Running Streak.
I also managed to get my plank a day in each day.  So it was pretty successful.  I also managed to find some hubby time. 
Also the conference was a little overwhelming for me.  During the awards presentation I was surprised to be awarded the William Greene Award for career service to the water profession and also received the President's Award for my contribution to The Georgia Association of Water Professionals. I am not sure I deserve this recognition but it was very touching.  I give back by volunteering in the water industry so it means a great deal to me.  

Most days started with a treadmill run around 5 AM.  The Hyatt has a beautiful gym and the treadmills face the River so you can really enjoy your run.  On Wednesday I did not have to be at the conference so hubby and I braved hot and humid Savannah for a pre-travel morning run from the hotel to our favorite spot in Savannah, Forsyth Park.  It is beautiful running under the live oaks dripping with Spanish Moss.  Hubby brought home a bunch of Spanish Moss.  he really wants to grow some.  I hope he is able to.  Lord knows we have had enough rain.  If it is ever going to work; now is the time.  Hope you all have had a great week.  Sorry for the radio silence, but just could not fit in blogging! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Running on Work Trips

Trying to channel this feeling.  I have to leave tomorrow after the ATC Decatur Dekalb 4 Miler for the Annual Conference of the Georgia Water Professionals.  Remember that learning to say "no" New Year's Goal?  Yeah, haven't quite achieved that.  I have a jam packed schedule.  I am also trying to keep up my running streak.  I know this week will be full of shorter runs, mostly on the treadmill.  This is probably a good break for my legs. I am dreading balancing work obligations, running and still making sure hubby and I have quality time together.

Savannah is hot and humid, so running outside after the conference is a challenge.  My days start early but I can probably find some morning treadmill time.  I remember vividly last year that I thought I was too tired and blew off a few runs.  I was a real joy to be around.  Then on the 3rd day I just sucked it up. I was tired, but I got up and got my run in.  Amazingly I felt much better.  At least the Hyatt is a hotel we stay at all the time, so I know they have a great gym. I also need  to keep up my plank a day.  Well at least I started off on the right foot, I packed a running outfit for everyday.  I am hoping to get some work done at the conference, but enjoy some couple time too.  I hope if I run in the morning, conference stuff during the day, and evenings with hubby I will find that balance.  I already practiced saying no by turning down every invitation for after hours cocktails, parties, and dinners.  I told them that time is set aside for my husband.

The most challenging day will be Monday.  I am co-chair and organizer of the GAWP River Run and I have to be at the race around 5:30 AM.  I am hoping we can come back to the room and I can get in a quick mile, then head to breakfast before the convention center.  Fingers crossed! Fitting running in during vacation is no biggie.  Fitting it in while combining vacation and work is more challenging.  Do you have any hints for fitting in running while you are away for work?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pro Photos or Con

Hubby and I right off Marta.  Gosh it looks early.

Professional race photos to buy or not to buy?  So hubby and I usually run together at most big races for two reasons.  One we enjoy this hobby together and it is great couple time.  (Insert appropriate gagging here.)  Second if it is a big race there will be professional photographers.  If we are together we can maximize the potential number of pics and make purchasing a packet fairly affordable.

I have to say at the Peachtree this year we definitely maximized our picture taking opportunities.  Of course we wait for a race where the weather is questionable, but hey, it is a memory.  If you have never been to the Peachtree there are literally photographers every two feet for hours before the run.  We committed this year to say yes to everyone who asked to take our picture.  We figured we would get one or two decent ones.

You all know how it is when you get the e-mail letting you know the photos are ready there is dread "I am sure they got that face I was making when we turned the corner."  Still some excitement because even if they got the face you will probably laugh and enjoy recapping the race moment by moment.  I have to say hubby's theory paid off.  Under my name we had 22 pics and under his we had 28.  He had the best pics, except I had two floater pics of me at the end, but couple pictures outweigh memorable running moments.  We bought the downloadable packet of 28 photos.  Since we had 28 photos and paid less than $50 all of sudden expensive race photos were more affordable.
Oh Yeah he is barefoot and drinking a beer.  Did I say we were just out for some fun?

Not only can my husband create a bargain with race day photos he is always coaching me about where the photographers are.  He is reminding me to slow down and smile.  Remember this is fun.  We have some fun race photos and like everyone who has ever run we have some filed away in that file marked NEVER OPEN PRIVATE.  If someone ever steals my laptop they are going to be pretty disappointed when they open that and realize it isn't porn.  Oh well they should not have stolen my laptop anyway.  
I did not say my smile was always natural

And we are done.  Wish you could see our muddy feet and shoes that really makes the moment

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Goals

Okay so it is Monday and the start of my Dailymile Week, so also the start of the running week.  Time to set some short term goals.  I love short term goals because the chance of completing them goes up exponentially as the time frame shortens.  Makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something.  I am back at work this week after 5 days off and I am heading out of town for the Georgia Water Conference on Saturday.  That will be a BUSY week as I have yet to really learn to say no and I am way overextended.  Look for a real slow down in blog posts.

I want to be realistic this week.  So here goes.

I started Plank a Day last week and I have been doing it after my runs while I am still sweaty so it seems realistic I can continue that this week.  Amazing that just this and I can feel it when I run.  Guess that means I was REALLY neglecting my core!

I plan to cook at home most of the week, with the exception of tomorrow.  Tuesdays in Smyrna, until the end of September, are Food Truck Tuesdays at Taylor Brawner Park and we love to go out there soak up the sun and some good street food.

I will get packed for our trip to Savannah for the conference.

I have a race Saturday before we leave.  Next week will be light on workouts while at the conference so I am deciding how hard to race Saturday.  Maybe it should be my tough workout, leave it on the course.

Run everyday.  I can't claim my RW's streak badge until I go 10 days after July 4th, since my streak was interrupted one day by a horrendous stomach virus.  Also I like to streak until my body says that's enough.

I want to eat my servings of fruits and veggies this week.

Also I want to finish the book I am reading.

That seems like enough for one week.  We finally saw the sun today after 5 days it was great! Hope everyone meets their goals this week!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Halfway Through the Year Goal Check: The Good, the Bad, and the in Progress

So it is early July and it is review and reset time on my goals for the year.  I don't really call them resolutions because I know I am pretty imperfect and these are really more to keep me on a positive path.  Working toward them I am sure to do better than if I had no goals at all.    First, when I make my end of year goals I am always on the two week break I take with hubby over the holiday, so the stress of everyday life and my job are not in the forefront of my mind.  This means I am typically more optimistic than realistic.  So let's see how I am doing.

Run my first 1/2 Marathon - Done in February, registered for my next in Columbus on November 9, 2013.

Run 1500 miles for the year. - Behind for the total but way ahead of last year over 500 miles so far and mileage will be kicking up for the half.

Run everyday - Working on my second streak of the year.  Have many 7 run weeks.  Had one week off when I had the Flu, Bronchitis and Tonsilitis.  Every week I run is a 6 run week.  Big improvement over 4 or 5 run weeks of last year. 

Strength train twice a week - Okay, if you have read my blog this is hit or miss for me.  Though recently inspired by some of you, I have started Plank a Day.  At least I can do this right after my run.  

Eliminate most TV (all pointless reality TV) - We changed our TV subscription to basic (hubby and I both see the need for this one.) - Not done great.  After a long day sometimes you just need mindless entertainment.  I do watch mostly cooking shows so at least we get good recipes.

Write more - always a passion.  I only recently rediscovered it writing this blog. - Have been really consistent with my blog and have discovered other great blogs/bloggers and wonderful support. 

Eat more variety especially new grains - We are eating all kinds of new recipes (thanks food Network, Top Chef, Master Chef, etc.).  We are totally addicted to a new veggie pasta.  Tried Quinoa; we were not fans.  Have incorporated more cous cous and other foods. 

Do more together - We will be going to the High Museum on Thursday and we have been going to festivals and of course our runs that take us around the area.  

Listen more talk less -Doing better.  Not where I want to be.  It is a process. 

Read more.  I have read about 6o books on 100 Books to read before you die I hope to read all of them, maybe not all this year. - I have read about 20 books so far this year. Found out I don't want to read all the books on this list but have found both fiction and non-fiction I love. 

Cook more at home - Doing this.

Donate to charities I care about: Water related charities, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and animal related charities. - I have some donations taken from my check.

Spend more time with the cats - Yes. Especially this long weekend since we need an ark to leave the house.

Work as hard as I can at work and then leave it there and be fully in the moment at home. -Hubby would be the one to ask, but I feel like I am doing well with this, especially compared to how I used to be.

Say yes to work projects I know I will enjoy and that will advance my field, and no to the time sucking activities that only frustrate me. - I struggle with saying no, but I have turned down a few things, but I am terribly over scheduled at an upcoming conference in a week and I can see where I should have said no. 

Tell people in my life what they mean to me - Done well with some people, not everyone.

I would say it is a mixed bag.  I stick by the fact I would definitely not be making progress without the goals.  I think I need to focus on the listening more and telling people what they mean to me for the second half of the year.  I feel good about most of my fitness goals.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Peachtree Road Race Recap

This pic is post Peachtree Road Race.  Hubby and I, like our fellow 55,000 running partners, spent the 4th of July wearing proof that we were up at 4:30 prepping to navigate MARTA, the rain, and downtown ATL for the 44th Annual Peachtree Road Race and newly added post event mud run at Piedmont Park.

We race a lot.  In fact I was going through our schedule for the rest of the year and we are back to two races a month until December.  The Peachtree is different.  Hubby and I don't really race this event.  It is the world's largest 10K, and the best 4th of July Party ever!!!  There is a vibe about the Peachtree that is hard to explain if you have never experienced it.  It is iconic here in Atlanta.  This year fear, hysteria, and panic proceeded the race.  The post-Boston Marathon pall hung over the event ever since April, with some deciding right away they would give away their coveted number.  They were convinced terrorist lurked behind the finish line at the world's largest 10K, on Independence Day no less.  Neon arrow for statement making.  This was not an issue for hubby and I.  Not going to let thoughts like that alter our life.  Credit to ATC and Atlanta PD they spent the months leading up to the race coming up with comprehensive safety plans and then calming runners and spectators, by communicating constantly about the safety initiatives. Atlanta PD even suspended all officers leave and required 12 on shifts through the holiday.

The fear of terrorism in ATL pales in comparison to the fear of Mother Nature.  A tropical depression centered itself over Georgia Wednesday and apparently is really soaking up the Southern hospitality we are famous for, because it is still here!  Facebook, Twitter, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and local news filled up with fears about weather and flooding.  Could the Peachtree Soldier on and go off without all the runners in floaties and water wings?  Would the covet shirt be replaced by life jackets?  First if this seems like "'s just rain, what's the biggie?" Let me give you a stat, it hasn't rained at the Peachtree since 1991.  Maybe we are a little out of practice.

Arriving at the race in the garbage bag rain jacket hubby crafted for me the night before.  Hubby had one, but he is too tough for that so he just wore his Tee, shorts and hat.  We had a little light rain pre-race.  As we made it to our corral and I ripped off the bag the rain just stopped.  We started out and the cool, temperate weather was a welcome change.  Rain held off for the race, at least for those who ran in the earlier corrals.  The Peachtree is an experience not a race.  The course is lined with spectators and 3,200 volunteers.  There are bands and music, water sprays, and people throwing out beer and T-shirts, shooting confetti guns. I loved the girls in the matching rain ponchos that wrote across them "Move your heiny! I am Bored." There were two firefighters in full gear doing a memorial run for the 19 brave heroes who lost their lives in Arizona.  Many people stopped to offer their thanks and gratitude to these brave men.  Highlighting my point about not so much of a race.  For me the best part is running up Heartbreak Hill.  It is lined with patients from the Shepherd Spinal Center.  They have their hands out to high five and tell you to work hard and finish strong.  This race was marked by folks in all shades of yellow and blue wearing verbal or color memorials for Boston.  Kids line the sides wanting runners to slap their hands.  I am not going to win the Peachtree, and this is one of dozens of races we do, so I am going to give those kids what they want.  We run through the water sprays and move over by the Catholic church to get our holy water and never know.  This year hubby got his wish and finally found the beer and finished the race holding up the beer like the beacon the Statue of Liberty holds.  He also ran the last two miles barefoot. Something he always wanted to do.  I think all of that is the spirit of the Peachtree.

It ends at Piedmont Park where there are more bands and all your friends and family. Also the coveted T-shirt that has been under wraps.  This year after endless rain the park was sort of like the seen of Woodstock.  My NB Minimus Road will definitely need some recovery time.  It was muddy.  After having a free breakfast at ATC's tent and meeting a few friends at Piedmont, one who was in town from Phoenix, we felt we had tempted the rain Gods long enough.  We had about two miles back to the car so we headed back.  A lot the later participants were walking and struggling.  These folks tend to not be your regular runners.  We spent the two miles back along the race course holding up the shirt giving them a preview and yelling this is what you are running for!  Some smiled and perked up.  Some started jogging.  Some gave us a thumbs up.  As we got to the car the rain started.  It stayed with us all day!  It stayed away for what we wanted most.

Our time was 1:01 about 9:40/mile.  We had stopped to use the portapotty on the course.  We pulled off for him to go barefoot and we took the time to appreciate the experience.  We can both run a 10K faster, but every year as we cross the finish line we say we should have gone slower and enjoyed it more.  It is over so fast.  Already excited about next year!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All About Me

This is fun. Runs with Pugs  tagged all of her readers to complete this a-to-z survey and I thought it was a great idea. Feel free to copy and paste these questions to your own blog and join in the old-school good times.
A. Attached or Single?
 Attached. Happily married for almost 15 years and together for 21 (I can't believe it.) Our misspent youth!
B. Best Friend?

C. Cake or pie? Not really a dessert girl but I don't like pie so cake (chocolate though)
D. Day of choice? Saturday 
E. Essential Item?
 Nothing material but my cats are essential  ( okay maybe my running shoes)
F. Favorite color? Pink I just love it.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears.
H. Home town?
 We moved so much I am not sure.  I have lived in Georgia the longest.  So I guess Smyrna, a nice city outside of Atlanta.  I was born in a small town outside of Wilkes Barre Scranton, PA called Pittston.  I don't remember it.  We never really stayed longer that 1-3 years anywhere while I was growing up.
I. Favorite Indulgence? Fried chicken
J. January or July? January I love when it gets darker earlier and the windows fog up when you cook.  It is so cozy. I also love running in the cold.
K. Kids? Nope just 4 legged ones 6 cats.

L. Life isn’t complete without?
 Husband, pets and friends
M. Marriage date? November 7, 1998
N. Number of brothers/sisters?
 One older brother and one younger sister.  Yep Middle child!
O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges especially clementines.  I eat hundreds in the winter.
P. Phobias?
Q. Quotes? "Whiskey is for drinking water is for fighting." - Mark Twain. “When you know better you do better.” ― Maya Angelou“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” ― Maya Angelou
R. Reasons to smile?
 I am still here and I still have choices and opportunities.  So many people have so much less than I do.  Let's face it life is funny and sometimes all you can do is laugh along with it.
S. Season of choice? Fall
T. Tag 5 People. Anyone feel free!
U. Unknown fact about me? I was a theatre major and started my profesisonal career in theatre that is where I met my hubby.
V. Vegetable? Love veggies but asparagus is my favorite.
W. Worst habit? Watching meaningless TV
X. Xray or Ultrasound? X-ray
Y. Your favorite food? Bagels.  I run for bagels.  
Z. Zodiac sign? Aires born to be the boss!
Your turn! Blog about your own a-to-z’s or tell me what we have in common!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Running Naked...Recentering

The beginning of July.  Nearing the end of the Summer Running Streak from Runner's World, busy schedule at work lately, so today for my run I decided to unplug.  I put on my favorite running shoes and headed out the door without music or GPS.  Just the quiet pre-dawn morning, the sound of Cicadas, and the soft fall of my feet.  The sky had no moon, no stars visible this morning.  It was serene and no electronic voice interrupting a pounding tune to keep me company.  It was relaxing.  I just let my mind drift and brought it back to "oh yeah this is what my body can do."

Running naked, that is what we call running without devices and gadgets.  Not worried about pace or splits.  Just you and running.  A time to tune out everything but your body and your environment.  It can be very liberating.  I am not the girl who can sit down and meditate for a half an hour, but I can run and get lost fully in the moment.  My kind of meditation.  It can be a great break.

Don't get me wrong.  I like my I Smooth run and looking back at my stats.  I enjoy upbeat tunes that propel me forward, but sometimes it is nice to just put everything aside and run like no one is watching, just because "I can run today."  Because it is a beautiful day, because I need some time just to refocus and center.  Today was that kind of a run and I am grateful for it.