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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

OMG! Comedy of Errors!

Today was a crazy day with a good friend at work.  We had a meeting in downtown Atlanta and we took her company vehicle.  We are stuck on Interstate 75 in typical Atlanta morning rush hour traffic.  I keep hearing a ding.  I ask her what it is.  Then I look at the dash.  We are out of gas!  We coast over to a shoulder and fortunately while I try and arrange AAA help, the DOT Hero unit pulls behind us and gets us back on our way.  We are only a few minutes late for our meeting.  GDOT Hero Units and those who work on them rock!!!

We are downtown for our three hour meeting.  We are very focused on finding a gas station.  Maybe a little too focused!  We get to the car and my friend is frantically rummaging through her purse.  "Where are my keys?  Have you seen my keys?"  We head back from the parking garage retrace our steps.  Leave her business card with everyone at the facility and head back to the car. This is the discussion that followed, if it gives you a flavor for the day.

My friend: Now what are we going to do?  Stand here by the car?  Did I drop them by the car?
Me: We don't need to stand here by the car.
Friend: Why not?  I don't have the keys.
Me: No, but you also did not put your window up when you locked the car.

Suffice it to say we ended up calling back to the office to get someone to rescue us.  Of course we called 10 minutes too soon.  Because 10 minutes after placing the embarrassing call that we were sweltering in a downtown Atlanta parking garage, the facility called and said someone turned in her keys.  We called back her office, cancelled the rescue mission, and headed back.  Of course the trip back also involved our Waze App, a super small downtown gas station, an angry Atlanta Gas Light employee, and our total lack of knowledge of which side the gas tank was on in the vehicle.

In short today I am grateful to be home and not sleeping in her company car!!  On the bright side the trekking around for keys got me way over my step goal for today.  I was still able to get to the gym for my second strength training session of the week and I had already had my run in the morning.

On the workout side this has been a good week.  On the wind down before Diva.  Just running easy.  I saw my chiro today after the gym.  I needed it after today!  I think I will see him next Friday right before the half for my weekly appointment.

I hope you had a less stressful day.  At least my friend is funny and we are both able to laugh at ourselves.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Atlanta's Finest 5K and Other Odds and Ends

I have not done a blog this week, mostly because I did not really have anything to write about.  Though you may not believe it I don't like to just ramble pointlessly, when you could be reading some great bloggers who have something to share.   For the third year we did one of our favorite races of the year.  The Atlanta's Finest 5K, a.k.a. The Safest 5K in the world, because it benefits the Atlanta PD. That place is crawling with cops!  It is a great race because lots of local police teams run and they chant their cadence and work as a team. That is really inspiring.  Plus it starts and ends at World of Coke/Centennial Olympic Park. It is also cool to see ATL's cadet class run and chant with their instructors.

My husband loves it because it is the race where he gets to highlight his wacky sense of humor by bringing out his Reno 911 shirt and his fake police badge.  I know what you are thinking, but he is all mine, ladies.  The race this year had a new course.  Though I never thought the previous course was very hilly, this is Atlanta, everything has hills.  They rerouted it and made it flatter and faster.  This was not PR for me.  I just wanted a little speed workout before the Diva half.  I did not want to burn out my legs.  That and Atlanta this week is a lot like living on the sun, or as a friend of mine said "Good Morning Vietnam! We have 213% humidity!"  Of course my husband thinks it feels like home.  The race was hot, but honestly I expected worse so I was pleasantly surprised.  Still at the water stop took a sip and dumped the rest on the back of my neck.

Hubby and decided to run together.  We finished in 27 minutes 8:47/mile which is pretty good for conditions.  I ended up 4th in my AG, which is not bad.  I wasn't really racing because today I knew I had my last mid-distance run before Diva.  Also every race is better when we run together.  I mean I started running so we could share a hobby and both get healthier.  This race was really well organized, kind of a return to the Atlanta Track Club we love.  It also had a great shirt, though they clearly define small differently than I do.  I am looking for a nice belt; then it will make a fine dress.  The proceeds go to ATL PD and they make nearly every race we do possible so we love helping them out.

In mile two we were behind the Atlanta SWAT team.  They were chanting.  We wanted to stay with them but once they said, "My grandpa is 92 he does PT better than you."  I knew it was time to pass them.  I am not 92!

 Running and weight training were fun again this week and I felt like my old self.  All my goals were met.  I even went for a strength session after the race yesterday.  I am loving belonging to a gym again!

Diva is less than 2 weeks away.  Officially no more runs over 3 miles now until the big day.  I don't plan to go all out. Using it as a training run, but I look forward to the empowering experience of running with all women.

This week I ran everyday but Monday and hit the gym three times.  I finished my 5 miler today in the blistering heat since I got out later than I planned, but I stuck it out.

Today I am grateful to feel healthier and be enjoying exercise again.  I have cross training and strength training on the agenda for tomorrow after work.  That also means the luxury of sleeping until 5:30 AM.  I am grateful for that too!!

How is your fall race training going?  Folks on Silver Comet were looking serious today as all our goal races come bearing down on us!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What a Difference a Week Makes

A friend did not believe all my running stuff, including Mace, is Pink.  Also a 10 mile run in August heat always sounds like a good idea before you start.

Last week I was fully convinced that I was totally out of shape and hated running.  It was a rough training week and the first time in forever I took two rest days.  This week was a whole different story.  My body felt better and all my workouts went according to plan.  Of course it may help that I did not have to stop every mile to either clean up blood under my arm or stretch my left calf out.  Running is sometimes an ugly sport and it certainly was for me.

This week I made all of my strength training days at the gym.  I can really tell a difference on my runs now that I am more regimented and serious about my strength training.  Not to mention my abs are little tighter, and who is going to complain about that.  The week had been going well, but with the rough time I have been having and the heat I was still nervous about my planned 10 miler today.

Days like today make me even more grateful to have a husband who runs.  I know he knew I had been having a rough time.  He suggested we do my long run down at the Beltline to look at art and explore.  He said he would do 6 with me then I could finish up and he would go take reference pictures for the lesson he is doing with his kids on graffiti inspired art.  It was great to have him.  First he kept me slower and we explored some new areas.  That always makes a long run better.  I stuck to my goal of between 10:30-11/min miles.  It was beautiful out but a little warm by the end.  He was also great about getting up on a Sunday at 7:30 AM so I did not have to run in the heat of the day.

Post 10.2.  Still feeling okay

All in all a good week with 26 miles under my belt, and my double digit run done before Diva Half.  This coming Saturday is one of my favorite ATC races the Atlanta's Finest 5K to benefit the police Benevolent Society.  It is so cool the cadet class runs it while chanting cadence.  I am sure hubby will pull out his Reno 911 shirt, because that is how he rolls.

I hope you had a good training week.  I am on the downhill now until Diva.  Race on Saturday and probably a slow easy 5 mile recovery run Sunday.

Today I am grateful for my husband who helped to make the 10 miler today doable and gave up sleeping in on Sunday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Calling My Mojo

I hope this is right.  It has been a rough couple of weeks with some injuries, time crunch, and just being generally tired.  I have actually been dreading my runs and thinking I can't believe I am about to run a half marathon.  So what do you do when you are just not feeling it?  I can only speak for me.

1. Took a few rest days
2. Downloaded some new tunes on Rock My Run
3. Went to the gym for some strength training
4. Shortened some morning runs
5. Moved some runs to after work so I could sleep in.
6. Kept reminding myself, you like this remember.
7. Went to my chiropractor

So did all of this help me find my Mojo?  It helped I think.  Really all secrets revealed, what really helped was just lacing up, even when I did not feel like it.  Okay especially when I did not feel like it and hitting the road.Today I had no pain and though I won't say I found my Mojo completely, he definitely heard me calling.  Here's to the times we just keep on keeping on until inspiration returns.

How do you get back in the swing?

Today I am grateful for a pain free run.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Surprisingly Smooth

To be perfectly honest I was dreading today's run.  I doubted I could hit any of the training goals, because that is the kind of week it has been.  Sometimes we surprise ourselves.  I spent a good part of the morning trying to shake off the week.  Sometimes if you take that mental energy with you, you are done before you start.  Also helped that hubby decided to start the first half of his three miler with me.  That helped get me in the groove and far enough down the road that turning around would be an effort.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty good.  The infection under my arm is still healing but was a lot better.  My calf felt fine.

I had a couple of goals for this run:
On feet for 90 minutes
Accomplish at least 8 miles
Keep a slow even pace around 10 min. miles

I am happy to say I achieved all of those.  With warm up and cool down I hit 8.5 and it took 90 minutes.  Running averaged around 10 min/mile.  Overall I was happy.  I did loose my bandage from my arm about 3 miles in but it felt fine so I pressed on and got it done.

It was hot and 100% humidity, but at least the predicted rain held off.  Also the intermittent clouds made the run more bearable.  Lots of folks on Silver Comet today.  Oh yeah I don't know how much more safe I can be.  There was a Cobb SWAT Tactical vehicle on the left hand side of the trail as I ran back.  A subtle message to anyone planning to attempt any funny business.

For this week I will gt back to regular strength training three times this week, and next weekend get a 10 milere under my belt before Diva half.  If I can get that done I will be ready for Diva. Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym after work and do a short 2 mile recovery run on the treadmill.  I get to sleep in and give my tired legs a little extra rest time.

Hope everyone has a great training week.  Stamina and endurance, those are the goals for the week.  What are yours?

Today I am grateful that my cats are happy and healthy.  Frankie had a good check up at the vet and he seems to be handling his kidney disease well according to his vet.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Training This Week... Sucked

This week just sucked.  As I hit four weeks before Diva Half I was all geared up to kick it up a notch and then, oh yeah my body reminded me I am old!  So first I have been dealing with periodic cysts under my am from a blocked sweat gland.  This week it was super painful.  Picture above is me toughing out the Jog Days 5K today after my husband mercifully ran ahead so I could push through and get this one  in the books without the guilt of holding him back.  In case you are wondering it is way harder to run without moving your right arm at all.  Just to add to the fun this week for no apparent reason I woke up Thursday AM with pain in my left calf and I could feel a knot.  Nothing like racing in calf sleeves in a simulated rain forest climate.

So the impact of all of this lead me to two rest days Wednesday and Friday.  A 30:28 on Jog Days 5 K today and only two strength training days.  I still have a long run on tap for tomorrow.  I will spare you the gory details but my painful cyst did not survive my race today even when I was not moving my arm.  After a messy day I should have my least painful run of the week tomorrow, at least my arm should be less painful anyway.

I will fill you in on the run.  Hopefully it won't be as ugly as this week.  Oh well next week is another opportunity.

Hope your fall race training is going better than mine.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rest Days

Theme for today!  Any guesses?  That's right I am tired.  My body, my legs, my mind; so tomorrow I will be doing something I have not done in months.  I am taking a rest day.  That means no strength training, no run, no walking for miles.  I am just going to get up and go to work.  Oh yeah also I will see my chiro for my weekly appointment.  I think a rest day will help me power through the rest of my strength training sessions this week, my race on Saturday, and my scheduled long run on Sunday.  The idea of all of those without a rest day is frankly exhausting.  Plus I did a lot of leg work today with my strength training I need a day to marinate, don't I?

Do you think rest days are valuable?  How often do you rest?  Today I am grateful for laughter with friends, family and colleagues.  Who isn't right?  Hope your week is going well.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oh Yeah I am Running 13 Miles in a Month

This week was pretty good for training, but this weekend was the most focused one I have had since my crazy month of July started.  I got a run in everyday this week and weekly mileage was back up at 23 miles after a couple of weeks below 20.  I also got my three strength days in, finishing up today with upper body and core after our 10K run at the River.  My workout week runs Mon-Sun.  I feel like getting a little speed run yesterday strength on Friday and Sunday and getting a much less painful long run in today it was pretty successful.  Also being back home I was able to cook and we were able to eat healthier and I could bring my lunch back to veggie lunches with fruit.

I think I am back on the train, but their is definitely a train bearing down on me from the other side.  Diva Half is exactly a month from this weekend.  Time to buckle down or the Sunday after that race won't be a funday!  We have the Jog Days 5K on Saturday.  I told hubby h should run his own race without me.  I know I held him back at Decatur Dekalb a few weeks ago.  Also I am going to run Jog Days for fun, my big workout next weekend will be Sunday.  I need to do 8 miles and then 10 next weekend. Then I should be Diva ready.  Especially because my plan is to use Diva as a long training run for Silver Comet Half.  I should be able to get my run done in 10-10:30 min/mile.  That's my goal just slow and easy.

Back at it next week.  Early morning run to start Monday as usual.  Today I am grateful for my hubby who always supports me and pushes me.  He is a great training partner!!  Hope you had a good week!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tragedy on My Local Trail

This week has been busy at work but pretty good for running and getting better with strength training.  I ran everyday and made it to the gym twice for strength, hoping to go tomorrow after our long run, we have planned.  Today hubby, who is now back to school, had to go to his school and finish painting some Gator Prints on the walkway for the kiddos.  So I headed out to Silver Comet Trail to do my three miles.  I had not really intended to do a training run, but felt pretty good so I went for it.  It was remarkably easy, compared to the 4 mile race a couple of week ago.

This week was yet another sad one for the running community.  Tuesday on Silver Comet Trail, a popular mixed use trail that runs from Cobb County all the way to the state line, a woman, Tina Waddell, was out doing what many of us do, getting in her after work run when a man approached her from the front took her into the woods and beat her to nearly unrecognizable.  She somehow managed to fight him off and make her way back to the well traveled trail where a biker found her.

Today I ran Silver Comet,  I live right on Silver Comet, in fact it is one of the reasons we moved here.  I have never felt unsafe on Silver Comet and I have done my long half marathon training runs all by myself, of course because my husband does not do long distance.  Today I wore my "I Run Like a Girl Hope You Can Keep Up" T-shirt in honor of Tina.  All the women on the trail were "saying love your shirt" and giving thumbs up.  There is definitely a different vibe on the trail.  Everyone is friendlier, less wrapped up in their own training.   It is like everyone is watching out for everyone. I think the fact that it happened in broad daylight, and on a spot so many of us run it made everyone think and united all of us.

It is a good reminder to stay aware of your surroundings, but also an alarming example that it does not just happen at night on an isolated road, and even aware you may not be able to fend off someone hell bent on hurting you.  Some people are bold and crazy.  I for one won't let some nut stop me and I am pretty sure right now Silver Comet is the safest place in the ATL to run.  Still as a runner and a woman my heart goes out to Tina and I am also so awed by her strength that she fought back and somehow got herself to safety.  Enjoy running ladies, but be careful.