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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Having some Fun

I think sometimes as runners we can, don't kill me, take ourselves way too seriously.  Not every run is an Olympic training exercise. In fact it is okay to go out and run everyday and never do track intervals! Like today, it is even okay to got to a race with no intention to PR or win your age group.  It can be liberating to have no goal other than to have fun, look at a pretty park, and spend time with your significant other.  After a long week of caring for family, a busy work schedule, and hubby's first week back with the kidlets; the idea of pushing ourselves to race the hot hilly Jog Days of Summer Course did not seem to be in the cards.

We started back in wave C and we just enjoyed the rare low humidity August morning.  If you are not familiar with Atlanta, and its relative proximity to the equator, you might not realize what an unexpected gift that was.  So now, serious runners, I already know what you are thinking.  Low humidity on race day?  Ditch those taking it easy plans.  This is your moment!  Well it was a moment.  It was a moment to remember why we love running.  Surprisingly it is not in the PRs and medals though they are nice.  It is in the races where we just let go of everything else and enjoy the moment for what it was.  It was just fun and sometimes that is what you need even more than a PR.

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  1. I love this! Keeping running fun is what makes it sustainable for me. I do plenty of races with friends where my plan is to just have fun with them. And I had a run earlier this week where I stopped multiple times to take photos because I stumbled across a random neighborhood with a ton of cool historical sites. Things like that keep me coming back to running :)