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Monday, March 3, 2014

Manic Monday

Garfield was right...I hate Mondays
Today was one of those "I don't want to run day."   You know how some days you wake up and realize, it is Monday and this is just the first day in a long line of days I have to be up and at them at 4AM.  I was also wondering what happened to the weekend?  It seems the last 2 months have just been pack in as much as possible and just keep going.  Head down plow through. 

I definitely felt that today when my clock flashed 4:10 and my first thoughts were about the length of the week ahead and the hills awaiting my morning run.  That being said I had my shoes and clothes waiting so I got ready and headed out.  It was not an impressive run, around 10:30/mile, other than I did it when I did not want to.  Yes, I am sure my day has been better because I did it. 

Maybe I was tired from our 6 miler yesterday, though it was just 6 miles.  Honestly since the robbery, the packing to move, the move, and the unpacking I am not sure I have run 6 miles in two months.  That is kind of embarrassing.  The run itself felt fine yesterday and a 71 degree day brought out so many people onto the Beltline hubby said it reminded him of Times Square.

The six miler was packed into another weekend of moving errands and setting up house; so I still long for the weekend off where we don't have a to do list.  Maybe it is that this time of year is equally busy at work so it just seems like some crazy carnival ride I can't get off. 

I do know running helps and I look forward to more regular long runs and less general chaos.  In two weeks we will hold the Second Annual Water Drop Dash 5-K, a race I co-organize.  Once that project is behind me I think things will settle down.  Oh yeah this year I get to run the race too, dressed as a running toilet, so the racers can chase down leaks.  I am sure pictures and video will abound so I will be sure to share. 

Here's to more wine tonight and less whining.  What gets you out the door?  When do you say to yourself this is your body's way of saying take a break?  I live with a run streaker so I am not sure I have mastered that. 

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  1. Kudos on getting out there for the run! That's great, especially when you have so much other stuff going on. I remember when we moved I felt like I was always exhausted. And I look forward to the photos from the water drop dash, sounds like it will be a lot of fun!