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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting it Out

That is totally how I felt this weekend running.  I am lucky my husband ran with me, because laying down like that on the sidewalk of my neighborhood is ill advised.  OMG I felt like I was running for the first time.  A week ago Friday I woke up feeling really bad sore throat, cough, stuffy, fever and a ridiculous schedule that had zero room for any of that and would continue through my costumed appearance as the Running Toilet at Water Drop Dash that Saturday.  Down enough medicine and you can do anything; so off I went, not fully lucid, but fulfilling my obligations.  Fast forward more than a week down the line.  I am a slug.  After Water Drop Dash on Saturday I got in my PJ's laid on the couch and got up Monday to start a whirlwind week at work. 
Finally this weekend my sinus infection was clearing up but the bronchitis has been relentless, and not at all annoying, ask my sleep deprived husband and edgy co-workers. Also thank to all the coughing it feels like I cracked a rib, I am sure I didn't.  Hope all of that hacking at least equates to a decent ab workout.  
Saturday and Sunday I tried to run and I just could not catch my breath, oh yeah or stop coughing.  Also discovered in our neighborhood we we do not have enough crosswalks where we have to stop so I can get a break doubled over coughing while we  wait on a walk sign.  Funny how that seems like such a positive when you can actually breathe, it really is all about perspective.  Needless to say since my less than successful runs on Saturday and Sunday.  Oh yeah needed a three hour nap after Sunday's 3 mile endurance event.  I have not been back at it.  What is that rule about above the neck and below the neck.  This thing is a pain in the neck.  I am a running blogger who can't run. Waiting it out, really impatiently.  I am sure I should be cross training but lately just getting through work has felt like a marathon event and sadly I usually need a nap before I cook dinner, how embarrassing.
So signing off to tape up my ribs, I feel just like a tough football player.  Today grateful my husband hasn't left me.  I would be running out of patience, not to mention I am not brining much to the table.  Hope you are having a better couple of weeks.  How long do you wait and how do you get back without overdoing it? 


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. That sucks. I've definitely had those days in the past where I feel like it takes all my energy to get through a day at work and all I can do when I get home is fall into bed :( I hope you recover quickly! As far as easing back into things, maybe starting with some yoga or another similar exercise which is less taxing on your lungs?

    1. Thanks. I might try walking for a little bit. I have asthma so I usually get bronchitis at least once a year. I just need to be more patient.