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Monday, March 10, 2014

Miscellaneous Odds and Ends

So it has just been so busy lately it seems I don't get to write my blog as often as I like, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If I can get through the next two weeks.  Here's hoping it isn't a train baring down.  Anyway a lot has happened.  For many of you we sprung forward and your morning run was plunged into darkness and you miss the dawn.  Perhaps the only benefit of running at 4AM is it really doesn't get any darker so this morning my run seemed a lot like my run usually seems.  No mental hurdle to overcome. 

Because we were actually able to have a somewhat relaxing weekend, finally, I wasn't even that tired.  Maybe it was the beautiful starry sky.  Anyway, run for today is in the books.  Since I haven't been checking in as often you might think my fitness has also gone by the wayside.  I can promise you I still get my runs and exercise in, even if I can't find time to write about it; or maybe more truthfully, hubby and I have been using our downtime to watch the entire Breaking Bad series on Netflix.  Hey, we all deserve a little break.  We are nearly done so that little excuse should go by the boards soon.  I have been doing pretty well.  I did take a total rest day last Tuesday.  I just wasn't feeling well and my knee had been bothering me.  That did wonders and I felt a lot better.  I have been doing pretty well with strength training by having it on my habit tracker for 4 days a week and realizing even a few minutes is better than nothing.

Saturday AM hubby and I got up early and went down to the Silver Comet Trail to cheer on the 10K racers.  It was fun.  Do you ever go out and support other runners just because?  This 10K is on a running/biking trail and so it is not lined with spectators.  The runners were really grateful to see us out cheering them on and kept thanking us for coming out.  Of course we were inspired and went back out to Silver Comet for a 6.5 mile run later that morning. 

Also approaching quickly is the Water Drop Dash 5K.  This is the race I co-manage each year.  It is always so exciting to give back to other runners.  I will tell you it is much more nerve wracking to have to manage a race than to run a race.  You just want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.  Of course you also want enough port-a-potties and bagels.  This year I will be leading the warm ups with a friend dressed as the Conservation Crusader.  I will be dressed as a running toilet, then we will run the race in costume.  It should be fun!  I will be sure to report back on the event.

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