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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Successful Week and First Race since Recovery

This week was a six run week!!  My first in almost a month!  Saturday was also my first race in over a month.  I can definitely say I am out of race shape, but I did finish and clearly the field for the Singleton 5K was weak because I still placed 4th in my age group despite being over 3 minutes slower than my PR and more than 2:30 over my typical 5 K time. This race was not really about racing.  It was about getting back to normal.  For me that means getting up at 5 AM on Saturday with the hubby headed to all parts of Metro ATL.  This was the ATC Singleton 5K and it was a brand new course in downtown Norcross.  We had never been there and it was super cute.  Of course the best part was we were parked right across the street from a really cute breakfast place where we headed after the race.  Great breakfast burrito and good coffee.

This week I was back at early morning runs and I was out of town and happy to be able to get everything in despite a busy schedule.  I also managed to get some strength training in and made some good meals when I got back in town.  This week will busy.  It is Earth Week and that is a crazy time at work!  I still plan to get in my runs! 

We did get some bad health news about a member of my family.  These things are always difficult, and helping out will definitely continue to make blogging a challenge.  On the other side of that, things like this happen and they also remind you to value the wonderful people and things in your life.  I choose to try and stay on that side of things since we can't really change what has happened.

Today I am grateful for my husband who is truly my life partner is every way!

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  1. Congrats on the successful running week and placing 4th in your age group! I'm sorry to hear about the bad health news but hopefully things will get better.