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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What a Day for Runners

Wow! What an emotional day for runners.  Maybe as emotional as last year but for a far different and better reason.  A year ago we were all in shock and blogs were full of sadness, resolve, and disbelief.  This year the blogs shouted abut Meb's victory at Boston.  His stretch goal and the names he bore on his bid and the way he broke down weeping.  An American winning  what some might argue was the most significant running of the Boston Marathon.  It was an indelible image replacing last year's indelible images. 

Beyond Meb, there were 36,000 runners who each had there own triumphant, resilient moment on Boylston Street.  They all found there Boston Strong and they showed the world what a runner is.  How we run not just from the legs, as so wrongly assumed, but from the heart.  There may never have been a race run more by heart than  Boston yesterday.  I did a short little 5K under the stars yesterday and I thought about the runners whose excitement was building as they got ready in Boston.  I thought about every runner who ran yesterday proving that we are all Boston Strong.  Well done to all who gave their heart yesterday whether on the course at Boston or just outside their door.  It was a day to be proud that you are a runner.

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