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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good Week - Women Stuff

It was a good week this week for health and fitness, not so much for work.  It was a busy stressful week, or maybe it just seemed busier and more stressful because hubby, the teacher, was on fall break and that makes you look at him in bed at 4 AM as you lace up and think, really?

I was back on track this week and got in all my workouts running and strength, and they felt pretty good. I cooked everyday and we were back to mostly veggies and fruit meals.   I also had my physical and after they stuck me nine times trying to get a vein for blood we had a serious discussion about my need to get a colonoscopy right away.  I will be following up on that.  But I also had an interesting talk with my Dr. about "that time" in a middle aged woman's life and we discussed the impact that could have on my running and fitness goals.  I had never really thought about the fact that while my body finds a new balance I may have to change up my goals, because I am asking an awful lot of my body.   That kind of tracks with my running lately.  I have been consistent but definitely my performance and pace has been a little off my normal.  We both agreed the change would be harder if I was not as rigorous about my exercise and diet, but that I needed to understand that maybe I should shift my focus off performance.

I think it was a good perspective.  I will continue to be consistent and finish all the races I have committed to, but I might alter my goals and just run for fun and fitness.  Who knows what might happen.  Eventually my body will find its new Chi and I can reevaluate big time goals.  After all I did not start running for times and medals.  I started running to be with my husband and I kept running to avoid the health issues and bad choices endemic in my family.

Today we enjoyed a beautiful breezy late morning 6.75 miles of fun together, no times no pressure.  Back at it this week.  I plan to do a couple of morning runs without music and enjoy the sounds of morning in my neighborhood.  It can be very centering.  I hope your training week went well.

Today I am grateful to see cooler weather on the horizon.

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  1. It's great to remember the reasons you began running and try to run for enjoyment and fitness. I love your description of the morning runs without music as centering. I definitely find runs on trails around here without music to be meditative. I can't do it for all my runs but it's great to do it occasionally.