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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hump Day, Reminders and Getting Back at it

It is mid-week or as the camel likes to say "hump day!"  I have been back in town since Thursday and trying to make up for a sluggish week last week.  So far so good.  I have gotten in strength training Monday and Wednesday at the gym and my morning three milers in everyday this week.

Also since I have come home I have been back on my regular diet which helps.  Lots of fruits and veggies and healthy home cooked meals.  I think it is not that we have set backs or situations that make healthy choices difficult; it is about whether we can get back on track.  I feel like I have.  Also I don't know about you but I only feel like myself when I am doing the things that make me feel healthy and happy.

Speaking of choices, I got to spend some time with my mother and sister today.  I had to take my mom to see my Dad's grave and the marker for my brother had been put in so we went to bring flowers.  Spending the day with my family is always a good reminder about the value of making good health choices.  Lots of my friends make fun of me, lovingly of course. Asking if I miss eating a cheeseburger or pointing out only crazy people get up at 4 AM and run every morning.   The truth is those things don't seem like sacrifices; if you have ever seen the results of bad health choices played out over and over again.  A cheeseburger and an extra hour of sleep will never be as important as good health and all the rewards and independence it brings with it.

Tomorrow is a rest day I have my annual physical tomorrow morning so I have to fast until 9 AM so I did not think a 4 AM run was a good idea if I could not refuel.  Tomorrow I tell my doctor that my brother died of colon cancer 5 months ago at 46.  I suspect "someone" will be setting up a colonoscopy soon.  We shall see!  Hope you are having a good week so far.

Today I am grateful for many things.  Visiting your relatives at a cemetery will do that.

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