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Sunday, September 14, 2014

What a Week: Tales of a Banana Slug!

I am not cut out for a sedentary life!!  I got to experience what one feels like this week.  I had to attend a vendor sponsored conference which meant everything was mandatory and the days were long with every minute scheduled.  Day started at 6 AM and ended at 10 PM.  I was there Monday-Thursday.  I wear a Garmin FR15 with the fitness tracker.  I normally, even at work, get between 9,900-12,000 steps a day.  While at the conference I  got 3,000 or less.  Not to mention there was hardly a vegetable or piece of fruit to be found.  That may be a side effect of being in a male dominated field.  It was an alcohol, meat and potatoes bonanza!

I am a pretty health conscience girl so I don't usually experience that kind of sedentary life with no healthy food.  Even though I am normally really active and healthy, by Thursday I could already feel that I felt sluggish and less like myself.  I can see how if you get in that mode you might not have enough energy to turn it around, but also I can't imagine anything, short of a brief work trip, forcing me into that position long term.  I also could not be on the road all the time.  I like being home and have really set up my own life around my health and fitness priorities.

As soon as my plane landed I headed to the gym for an hour of weight training then to my chiropractor.  I ran a quick one miler with hubby after dinner and was back out for my pre-dawn run on Friday.  I was able to cook us a healthy meal Thursday and the rest of the week.  This week, more than any of my other travel, gave me a glimpse of why I make the choices I make.  It came at a good time.  I have been struggling with motivation and some injuries but I felt really recommitted when I came back.  All of sudden what seemed like an obligation felt like a privilege, after I was not allowed to do it.  It is amazing how your perspective can turn around.

I guess I may have needed a less intense week after my half, and to find my love of all things healthy again.  I am back on track.  Got my strength training in on Thursday and Saturday and runs in everyday.  I am happy to be back in my routine and feeling like myself again.  Now to train for my next half marathon.

Today I am grateful that most of the time my lifestyle allows me to make good health a priority.

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