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Saturday, November 17, 2012


So today my husband convinced me I too can run everyday, at least through New Years.  I have now signed up for The Runner's World Holiday Running Streak.  For me that is equal to signing a blood oath.  Once I have committed to something I will actually have to die or be forcibly restrained in order not to finish that commitment.  I have some self-discipline and control issues, but hey nobody is perfect.

I also thought this was a good time to start a new blog.  I had an old blog but I decided I never used it because I never really committed to it.  This blog will be a little more flexible and kind of deal with my actual life which is like everyone else's life, constantly in flux.

It is really a journal for me and hopefully a way that I can say what I want here instead of inappropriately saying it out loud at a meeting or something like that. Not that I have ever done that.  Well actually it might also be a fault I have sometimes.  You know the phrase call a spade a spade well my adapatation would be more like call an idiot and idiot.  Not always the best policy.  Sometimes on this blog I will be highlighting the peak of idiocy.  I also hope to share thoughts on things that are very imprtant to me: running, water, books, travel, my hubby and my cats.  A small world but I have learned if you value everything you actual devalue everything.  Sounds deep huh?  No, just lazy!

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