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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crossing 1,000 Miles

As 10s of thousands of Atlantans got out to Gobble Jog, Turkey Trot, and get their Thanksgiving Half Marathon on this AM at the crack of the holiday morning, Hubby and I joined the host of amateurs out deciding that a day dedicated to gratitude and gluttony in equal portions, is also the day they will lace up those brand new "tennis shoes" and get moving. 

The Silver Comet was jam packed with folks sparkling with the new found optimism that this purposeful walk, arms at full swing, is the first step to embarking on a healthier lifestyle.  He and I were doing our own Happy Thanksgiving 5-K and my personal odometer was rolling over the 1,000 mile marker.  Yeah me and thanks running shoes!

Today Dung and I were shoe twins.  We both have a pair of minimal NB 730's they are both super comfortable and super affordable.  It is fun to wear the same thing as my husband since that is his pet peeve...couples who dress alike.  I can't help but point out that no one could ever tell they are the same shoes unless he starts where bright pink running shoes and he cuts off half his foot.  My foot is so small my running store has to special order every time I buy a new pair. 
Today is officially Thanksgiving and we have officially run and are now ready to descend on my sister's house and enjoy turkey and all the trimmings and of course the wine that will make dinner with my family more of a holiday experience.  I always volunteer to bring the wine. 
I already told you I am most thankful for hubby.  No way I would have crossed the 1,000 mile marker without him.  We also have six family members that share our home and our heart.  I am so grateful they are healthy and happy. 
Jazzy and Lena
Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope everyone is spending it with someone they love!!

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  1. Kathy--Congrats on achieving your goal of 1,000 miles! I have enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for including me on your blog roll. Happy Thanksgiving to your extended (including quadrapeds) family.

    Mike McGuire