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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude is an Attitude

Thanksgiving is almost here.  My assistant at work was discussing how disheartened she is about Christmas taking over Thanksgiving.  She was saying it is a perfect holiday.  What other day is designed so you can eat and sit around and watch TV all day without any guilt.  I never thought of it that way, but she has a point.  Of course I won't be sitting around eating and watching TV until I have earned it by running with my hubby tomorrow.  Have to work for the dressing and gravy (my favorites).  Ties right in to my passion for bagels.  People who give up bread are seriously disturbed.  Anyway I think Thanksgiving is really designed for us to slow down take a breath and for one unamerican second stop wishing we had what someone else has and be grateful for where we are right now.

Speaking of grateful for where we are...see what I am most grateful for:

This is my husband Dung.  The light makes him look like a super hero or something.  Well he may not be to everyone, but he is to me.  Also he is a dedicated elementary school art teacher (where does he get the patience) and a great a runner which should be obvious from the picture.  Today we both had the day off.  Even though it is nearly December it was one of those 70 degree days that keep driving folks to live in the South.  We headed out about 40 miles from home to run the Big Creek Greenway and then play at Fowler Park.  I am grateful for my super hero hubby and for the ability to bang out 7 miles in beautiful weather along an area of protected wetlands. I am a water geek by profession so that kind of thing always makes a run even better.

I wish I looked like my hubby when we stopped 5 miles in to take this picture, but again I am not quite the skilled runner he is.  Also I was more interested in capturing the beautiful wetland than my 5 mile sweaty self!

See how I get him to take in the whole scene to make me look really small.  It really is a beautiful fun place to run.  It was not that busy so it almost felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

What else am I grateful for:

My 6 cats, even though today they were out of control and I drugged them with catnip (totally legal)
My job in water because even when I want to quit (like yesterday).  I know what I do everyday makes a difference and no one can really ask for more.
My relatively quiet and calm life (also again a shout to the hubby for being instrumental in that).  All I really wanted growing up was a relatively stable, quiet and drama-free life and I think we have achieved that.
My sense of humor (I left off my modesty but that seemed too obvious).
Good food
Good wine
Great music
Great books
Traveling with my husband
Everyday, even the tough ones (remember that tomorrow many of us are spending the day with our families). I will be rereading this list before I go.

Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy a day sitting around watching TV and eating after your morning exercise.

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