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Monday, November 26, 2012

What is it about New Shoes?

So today was Cyber Monday and I promised myself I would ignore the onslaught of e-mails beckoning me to spend my lunch hour browsing the specially selected, offers for Cyber Monday.  Imagine my surprise at the ability of the Internet to know more about my preferences in goods than my spouse and partner of 20 years.  To be fair he does not have the capability to track my cookies nor does he posses a binary code that deciphers my web history to discover gasp...I am a runner and have a predisposition to buy running gear, over say the latest microwave oven.  Frankly he would be happy if I just baked more cookies, no need to track them he would be the destination.

So I did as I planned; spent my lunch hour going to replenish the food source for our four legged children.  Sometimes proximity to your job, home, and errands is just the devil's workshop.  It was today.  The food fetching took only 30 minutes.  I know what you are asking yourself and the answer is of course I have work I could have been doing in that extra 30 minutes.  Sure I should have selflessly given that time to the Water System, but as a friend of mine pointed out as we roll into 5 years without a raise.  Those goals seem pretty ambitious, in fact they seem like the goals of someone getting a raise.  In fact if this trend continues, of increased insurance and retirement payouts, I might end up making less than when I was hired 2 promotions and 11 years ago.  Fingers crossed; I am secretly hoping to be the first person with a job that often requires 60 or more hours a week where I actually pay my employer.  I digress. 

So Needless to say, and sarcasm aside I did not donate my half hour.  Instead my mind turned to my sad and recently departed Saucony Kinvara 2's.  The upper finally gave up ripping across the top.  These were my recovery shoes.  I usually run in really minimal shoes with little to no cushioning.  If you are a runner you know that there is always that run you want to take, the one your feet and legs say you should not, but the road say "you know you want to, I won't tell."  For that run the Kinvaras had a forgiving cushion that let you run without guilt.  Still minimal, but it lessened the pounding and stress.   Since the passing of my Kinvaras I have loved my NB minimal shoes.  I am now doing a running streak for the holiday and I foresee a need for the cushion of an occasional recovery shoe. 

Like crack to an addict Cyber Monday offered no limit to options.  I was at first committed Kinvara has been good to you, a faithful friend, but like most runners newness and curiosity always wins out.  I found the Skecher Go Runs on Amazon for $40.00.  They are a 4 mm drop and force a mid foot landing.  I have been curious about these shoes and curiosity, a free half hour, established and well used Amazon Account, and discount prices have a new pair of Skecher's Go Runs winging their way to Smyrna.  They are black and wait for it...bright pink of course, my signature running color.  I hope they will be the place of refuge for my feet after long hard runs in my great very minimal shoes.  I will let you know how they are.  It is only since running that the idea of new running shoes is so reminiscent of the way I felt on Christmas morning as a kid.  It is not just tearing open the box.  It is the unique feel of the first run, the way the shoe feels and moves a brand new experience.  Well that is enough for now.  I have new shoes coming and I probably have some work I should have been doing at lunch.  I should work on that while I still make enough for new running shoes.

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