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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Running in Snowmageddon 2014

So I think I mentioned we are having less than a southern winter. Today was positively ridiculous.  There were all kinds of indications that  we would have snow today, and everyone knows we don't know how to handle that.  Did we call school?  Of course not.  Instead when it snowed, surprise  surprise! we decided to send the kids home at noon.  Well many of the businesses released their folks at noon too.  The temps were in the 20's, snow, ice, Atlanta Traffic, and I still have an employee on the road 5 hours after she left work.  I am waiting for her to text me she is home.  None of that stopped hubby and I from getting in our 1 mile it was part run part snow shoe experience.

Also I have set my habit master app to track strength training on Tues, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  I got all of that done today in the snow.  The roads are icy and will be even worse tomorrow. I have already decided to tell work I won't be in tomorrow.  The roads are a solid sheet of ice.  My road is currently barricaded because of the extreme hill and the ice.  We have been watching cars slide down it since we got home.  Tomorrow we will get our run in and get some packing done for the move this weekend.  It was fun to run   in the snow and I have to say some of my colleagues are stuck at work.  I feel bad for them but I am glad to be home with my husband and kitties.  Planning to have a little wine ad relax.  Hopefully tomorrow we can get a little longer run accomplished.

Today I have never been so grateful to get home and see my husband waiting for me and my cats safe and warm.

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  1. I'm glad it wasn't too bad getting home for you yesterday! It sounds like it got crazy in Atlanta. My father-in-law lives there and it took him 10 hours to get home from work :(