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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Time for Reflection #Megsmiles

For a whole day #megsmiles was trending on all social media.  The running community as whole was embracing the family of Meg Cross Menzies.  What was Meg doing when a drunk driver ensured her husband and three kids would not see her again?  Just doing what I do and many of you do everyday.  She was out for a pre-dawn run.  Following the best practices, running against traffic.  You have to stay alert out there.  It seems crazy and senseless.  In that senseless act we are shown again the inherent strength and solidarity of the running community.

Dailymile, Facebook, and Twitter were teaming with #megsmiles dedicated runs.  Until Monday you can record your megsmiles and a note on this special Google form.  I hope that one day that is something her children can look at and think "for a whole day thousands of runners were out braving the cold or tired legs to run for my mom."

For me as I looked to my side and saw my hubby, and favorite training partner,  felt the cool air (around 26 for us yesterday), felt the beautiful sun and the wind; I thought how lucky am I?  I hope you all got to run for Meg. I hope we all take a little more time at an intersection, turn the music off, and pay attention to our surroundings, because it is clear the people on the road aren't looking out for us. 

Today I am grateful we found a new place to live, for the chance to run, and of course for the best partner a girl could ask for running through this life right alongside me. 

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