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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Wacky Wednesday

I had been having issues with a tight left hip since I got back from California.  I think it has to do with how uncomfortable flights are and how long it is.  I went to my chiropractor after we got back but Dr. Peter was out of town.  Dr. Melinda was not able to actually correct my hip; she said it was too tight.  Today Dr. Peter was back.  He took all of a few minutes to assess that the femoral head of my hip was turned out.  He adjusted it in like two minutes and the tightness was gone.  That is good because I have a race on Saturday.

I asked him how it happened.  He thinks I am not stretching my hamstring enough.  He gave me some new stretches.  I am going to try them out.  He said I will be race ready on Saturday.  Saturday is the Decatur Dekalb 4 miler.  I am kind of excited.  We have not had a race in months.  Usually we race at least once a week.  It is not that I am that competitive, but I like the energy of racing and it makes me push myself a little more.  So we shall see.

Today I made zucchini chips for dinner they were delicious.  I will need to do that again.  They are really simple.  I made this recipe but substituted cornflakes for bread crumbs.  Hubby loved them.  I have been trying new veggie recipes.  It has been pretty successful.  I love cooking so I love experimenting.

Here is a picture from our trip to California.  These are many of our nieces and nephews at Lake Tahoe after the wedding.  I was great to see everyone.  They are growing so fast.  

These are some random happenings from my week so far.  How is your week going?  Today I am grateful that I my hip is not tight.  Also I got an new computer and it is easier to use than my tablet.  So it makes it easier to do my blog and read other blogs!!

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