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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I am Back..In town and on track

I have again been MIA.  This time it was for a happy reason.  I was getting things handled at work so we could go to California and celebrate our cousin Thao's wedding.  It was a family wedding in our other cousin Phuong's back yard.  Never believe your family when they say "oh it is a simple back yard wedding."  We were working from the minute we stepped off the airplane.  It was so worth it to see her happy, and it was a beautiful wedding that reflected her down to earth personality.  I will post some photo's later when they have them.  We can play my favorite game "Pick out the white girl!"  I am pretty easy to spot in our family photos.

Not only were we in California, we were in the epicenter of food in the United States.  That happens to be anywhere my husband's family is gathered.  So maintaining our regular diet was difficult to say the least.  At least we were working so hard we burned off most of the calories.  On Thursday before the wedding my new Garmin FR15 clocked 15,000 steps.  On the positive side, though they were short, we did gt a run in everyday.  I really miss the Sacramento weather, 50's in the morning and evening, no humidity 90's during the day.  I kept my streak promise alive.  I wish we had more downtime to visit with family of course to take advantage of the weather and flat terrain of Sacramento for a long run. Next time!  We had other priorities.

I did manage to hit my regular fitness schedule hard when I got back.  Added back in more fruits and veggies.  Cooked smaller healthier meals, got back to the gym for strength training and spent the rest of the week adjusting to living in the hot and humid south.  Today's five miler was the longest run in a couple of weeks.  Building back up. It is surprising how quickly you can forget how to run in the humidity!

I have to get back on the wagon just in time to leave next Saturday after our four mile race to head to Savannah and the Annual Conference for the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.  I am going to try and keep up my healthy habits, but I have a lot of responsibilities and long days.  For some reason I agreed to make 4 presentations!  What was I thinking?  Hubby is going  with me so I am also going to find some down time to enjoy a city we love.  Of course there will be running.  I have to.  I think I have a half in less than 2 months.  I need to get on the stick!!  Hope you have been getting your training in.  I read about all my friends experiences with the Peachtree.  Can't believe we missed near perfect race conditions.  Oh well next year!

I am grateful we could be there for our family and help with Thao's wedding.  It was great to see everyone.  We don't see each other enough.


  1. lol... I love the comment about the "pick out the white girl" game. My husband is like that with our family photos. And that weather in Sacramento sounds amazing, especially given the high humidity here. Good luck with your conference. I've never been to Savannah but it sounds beautiful. I hope you get some time to enjoy the city :)

    1. I know the humidity is the worst. We love Savannah hopefully have some time on Saturday and Sunday then after the conference at night.