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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sometimes Times There is Just too Much to Do

So I just back from Savannah and a jam packed conference!  I had hoped, and did try to finish out my streak I only had a few more days.  I have been running everyday since 4/13.  Work at the conference with 16 hour days and tons of presentations and responsibilities coupled with torrential afternoon storms meant running did not happen Monday or Tuesday.  After all of my obligations were met I got to get a run in at Forsyth Park our favorite place to run in Savannah.  We did have a 4 mile race on Saturday I will blog later about how out  of race shape I am.  Today just thought I would confess that I did not complete my streak, but I am moving on from that.  Back at regular training and kicking it up a notch for half marathon that is now 6 weeks away.  Also I will be sharing some photos of Savannah.  Enjoy it is the hostess city!
Golf cart selfie while volunteering at the GAWP fun run Monday.  I could not run but we started at 5:30 AM managing the race for other attendees
Dung at Forsyth Park.  He loves Spanish moss

Dung in front of an "English Pub with phone booth Downtown

View from our hotel room before we left today



  1. I am also training for a 21km happening in September - its going to be my first! eek! Nervous and excited. I have been training hard and hoping that all goes to plan! Good luck with your training!

    1. You will do great!! I have two halfs on my fall schedule the first is going to be a long training run. The second is my goal race. Thanks!