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Saturday, December 7, 2013

End of Race Season For Us

Today was the 1 mile prediction run and ATC season wrap up breakfast and awards presentation.  Let's just say we aren't that great at predicting our time. said 8:30 and finished in 8:09.  Oh well!  I kind of knew it. Hubby was pacing us after he pointed out that I ran too fast last year and messed up the  prediction.  As soon as the run started he took off like a jack rabbit...excuse me who is too fast and throwing off our pace? This also officially the end of our races for the year.  With the big changes to ATC we don't have as many set races next year so we will be taking some time to see which local races we might want to try.  We did decide since there is no Grand Prix series with ATC next year we are probably not going to run Resolution Run on News Years Day like we have been.  The course is not that attractive and we can just go out and run on our own. 

We did decide to renew our ATC membership.  I think they are in a time of transition and I hope they will find their way to continue their mission of encouraging health through running, and balance it with their desire to accommodate a growing membership.  At least right now we are willing to see if they can.  There are some races we love and we have friends there and we enjoy being a part of it.

Today was fun.  Hubby and I both received the Bunny Award for running every race of the Grand Prix season.  For hubby who had a major foot injury for the last three races (also the longest of the season) he really earned that award.  I still don't know how he did it.  Out of their more than 20,000 members there were 5 women and 10 men who did that.

I also got third place in my age group for the season.  So I am proud of that.  This was a really good season for me, where I saw my hard work really result in better running.  Not just more PRs and brand new race distances, but feeling better and finding running and racing fun.  I look forward to getting back at racing, but for now hubby and I are both doing the holiday running streak and I am happy to just focus on the run and the fun of having my best friend to run with me and push me to be better.  I would never have gotten the Bunny Award (or known what it was) or my 3rd place AG Award without my husband.  We have two weeks off coming up from before Christmas to New Years so we plan to run and relax and visit some of our favorite local places. I also promised hubby we would go ice skating something he has wanted to do every holiday.  I hope I don't break my leg.   I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  I know running has really helped me handle holiday stress.  I hope it is the same for you.

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  1. Good job on your AG award, that is awesome! I suck at prediction runs, I predict I will not be able to accurately predict and that is all she wrote...