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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review of 2013 Goals

I hope everyone ran their happy place or places in 2013.  I know I got to.  I know I achieved some big goals this year though not all of mine. I want to recap my goals for 2013 and report how I did.  It is accountability time!!  After I atone; I will set some new goals for 2014.

Run my first 1/2 Marathon - Yes I did this in February and I completed my second shaving off 5 minutes in November.

Run 1500 miles for the year. - This was more of a motivator for me.  I did not think I would run this since last year I did not even hit 1,000 miles.  I have done 1,115 to date. 

Run everyday - I did the spring and holiday running streaks and ran 335 days this year.  Basically unless I was sick or injured I ran. 

Strength train twice a week - Okay so if you have been reading this blog you know I blew this resolution big time!  I see strength training making a resolution come back in 2014.

Eliminate most TV (all pointless reality TV) - We changed our TV subscription to basic (hubby and I both see the need for this one.) -Over time we found out that we both need some mindless downtime and this is an affordable way to do it.  Plus hubby likes sports.  

Write more - always a passion.  I only recently rediscovered it writing this blog. -Success!! This blog and my word on water blog have helped me keep this resolution.

Eat more variety especially new grains - Success.  We subscribed to an organic produce service and I spent most of the year cooking new, healthy recipes with new ingredients.

Do more together - we can save $ on TV and spend it on actual experiences together - We have definitely done this and I hope to do even more.  We did not really travel this year but that let us do more local experiences.

Listen more talk less - I am by no means mute, but I think I have done better at this.  Ask hubby to see if that is just a misperception on my part.

Read more.  I have read about 6o books on 100 Books to read before you die I hope to read all of them, maybe not all this year. - I definitely read more between 25-30 new books this year.  Some really good ones too.

Cook more at home - See above.  2013 was definitely the year of healthy cooking for me.

Donate to charities I care about: Water related charities, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and animal related charities. - Yes I did this and I found a way to combine this with my favorite hobby: running.  Spoiler alert!!  Upcoming blog topic!!

Spend more time with the cats - We traveled less and ate at home more and the cats were also grateful we did not completely give up TV.  They love a warm lap and the Real House Wives of Atlanta: those girls are catty!!

Work as hard as I can at work and then leave it there and be fully in the moment at home.- I definitely made progress here.  Not perfect, but work is definitely fading into a more appropriate place in my life and that is behind my family and other passions.

Say yes to work projects I know I will enjoy and that will advance my field, and no to the time sucking activities that only frustrate me.- I would say not fully successful here. Guilt still nags a little when saying no.

Tell people in my life what they mean to me - Does anyone ever reach complete on this? I believe that is a way we should strive to live not a goal we cross off the list.  Still working on it everyday!

All in all 2013 was a pretty good year for us.  Sure we got robbed and hubby had to end his streak due to a foot injury.  We did not achieve every goal, but we have each other, our health, happiness, a roof over our heads, organic produce in the fridge and 6 cats who love us at least three times a day right before their meal times. 

Wishing y'all a Happy, Healthy 2014.  I will have some new goals and hopefully some fun on my way toward progress!!


  1. All in all, looks like you had a darned successful year! That was a ton of mileage and I only dream of doing a half! There is so little of value on TV these days that it IS tempting to cut way back as well. We do a lot of PVRing and just try and watch our faves, for the most part. Leaving work at home is a REAL toughie around here as my wife and I both work at the same place in the human services field--people's problems need some solving almost 24 hours a day. Good luck with that goal, it's a pretty vital one, for peace of mind. Six cats?! We thought WE were crazy for having!

  2. Thanks, Brian. I know you are back at running. I don't know if I am tough enough to run in the winter weather you all get! Happy New Year.