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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Nature Conspiring Against Runners?

I know I have been MIA lately but with holiday hub bub and work has been CRAZY just getting my actual runs in has been challenging enough.   I have not been getting to my blog.  Add doing better on that to next year's resolutions along with deciding on our race schedule and oh yeah strength training!

So I have been busy and I am really glad I decided to do the Runner's World Running Streak or seriously I would have blown off running, a bad idea at this time of the year.  Two work holiday parties this week and 2 holiday lunches with friends; I have to double my mileage this week.  What is it about committing to something like a running streak that assures the wrath of Mother Nature?  I mean really.  The running streak started on Thanksgiving.  For me a day before, but that is beside the point.  Immediately Atlanta had the coldest Thanksgiving in over 100 years.  Really?  The cold is not that big a deal.  I have learned how to dress for it and purchased the right clothes.  What I do not enjoy is that it started raining the Saturday after Thanksgiving and  I mean come on.  I don't mind the occasional run in rain and wet feet, but after a week I felt like a duck.  The last two weeks our treadmill fully recovered from the case of neglect it was suffering.  I was so grateful that today it wasn't raining I hardly noticed it was in the 3o's with a wind chill in the 20s.

I am happy to report I am still just running for fun no timing apps or watches.  I just run with hubby and visit or I play my music and enjoy myself.  It has been a nice break.  Just running to stay healthy and doing at least one mile a day.  So far so good.  Day 19 today with a 5 1/2  miler on Silver Comet.  The weather kept most folks off the trail so hubby and I had it pretty much to ourselves.  One more week of work than a two week vacation.  I can't wait.  I am almost there.  I am not scheduled to work late everyday this week, so I hope I will do better about blogging this week.  Almost time to wrap up the resolutions, pay the piper and set new goals!  Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. Weird weather seems to be the thing these days, even the Pyramids are covered in snow! Way to go on the run streak, Kathy!