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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Looking Back Before Looking Ahead

My Women's Running magazine came in the mail this weekend.  I love this magazine and as I was reading it today while baking dozens of Christmas cookies.  Yes, I get the irony!  I saw this article about setting resolutions.  It is resolution setting time.  That being said the article had this kind of crazy suggestion. The author suggested that before we set our goals we spend a little time coming up with100 things we are grateful for / accomplishments we are proud of from 2013.  I was like really 100, hey why not a 1,000 I have nothing but time.  Never one to turn from a challenge I thought I would give it a try.  I don't think I will put down all 100.  I mean how self indulgent and you don't really care. Also it promised to lead you to Nirvana and all that inner peace, self esteem, and gratitude.  So here goes nothing.

1) Married to my best friend - that is a gratitude for me.  Ask anyone who knows us and they will say accomplishment for him to be married to me.
2) Jazzy -everyone should love as openly as this cat
3) Mo - I want to be that cool someday
4) Frankie - He is so smart he amazes me still even after having him for 15 years
5) Pablo - He still thinks I am actually his mommy even though he is 5 now and it has been years since I bottle fed him as a scared kitten
6) Georgia - I want to be as bold and adventurous as Georgia is.  I already frustrate her father as much as she does.
7) Lena - She has taught me patience and that earning love and respect makes you appreciate it more. It was not easy to earn Lena's trust 
8) My bills are paid
9) A comfortable bed
10) I learned to cook Kale
11) My health
12) Qualifying for the C group in Peachtree with my 5K time - never thought I could do that.
13) Sharing a hobby I love with the most important person in my life
14) My friend Laura - she knows why
15) Running my first half marathon - seriously 3 years ago I could not run 1/4 of a mile
16) Our subscription to Nature's Garden - organic produce
17) My job
18) Clean water
19) Being recognized by my peers at work with two awards this year.
20) Read 20 really good books
21) Ran a second half marathon and got a PR - missed my goal by a minute.
22) Conquered my fear of the track - even placed third in my AG at the race
23) Ran a sub 8 minute mile
24) Got up at 4 AM at least 4 days a week most weeks and ran
25) Completed the Holiday running streak
26) Completed the spring running streak
27) Laughter
28) Having a treadmill - felt like it rained everyday this year!
29) Got a new PR at many races this year
30) Finished 3rd in my AG for the ATC Grand Prix Season
31) Cooked several times a week most weeks
32) Got a project that I have been working on at work for a year is going through
33) Helped my family when they lost their car and had medical issues
34) My cats health insurance since Frankie, Mo and Jazzy all had medical issues.
35) Silver Comet Trail
36) The Greenway
37) Atlanta's Beltline
38) Cochran Shoals Park
39) Running
40) Having health insurance
41) Paid vacation days
42) Sunny Days - really missed them this year!
43) Cold shower after a morning run!
44) My 15 year anniversary (together 21 years)
45) Working with other professionals
46) My friend Becky - she makes me take myself less seriously.
47) My sister for taking on the primary responsibility for my mother's health care
48) Cobb Police- they were amazing after we were robbed.
49) State Farm Insurance - same as above
50) Running shoes 
51) Learned all kinds of new recipes
52) Did better at finding balance.
53) Said no to some things that took me away from my husband and got in the way of running. - That is a huge accomplishment for me.

I think that is enough for this post!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday!  I will be following up on my goals for this year and setting some new ones.  I will be taking some time with my husband!

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