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Thursday, December 5, 2013

We Interrupt This Running Blog...

Today we interrupt this running blog to recognize the passing of the greatest leader I will probably ever see in my lifetime.  There are few if any people who will come to the end of their life having left the impact that Nelson Mandela left on his country and the world.  He was strong in the face of violence and oppression and forgiving, humble, and generous when power rested in his hands.

He held the ideal of a nation that became the ideal of the world.  He truly believed in walking in the compassion he sought fruitlessly in the early days of Apartheid.  When the tables were turned, instead of seeking vengeance he sought understanding and peace. 

The world is a sadder place without him, but an infinitely better place because of him.  I wish you peace as you transition and I hope you watch your country unite as you always hoped, and in their mutual grief may they find the humble strength to carry forward the legacy you beagn.

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