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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Comfort in Routine

Do you have a routine?  Not just a running routine.  Do you have a routine way of doing things a scheduled sort of life?  I really do.  I get up at 4:10 AM run, stretch, do strength training every other day, shower, get ready for work eat breakfast head to work, etc.  I would say if you asked anyone they would say, I am regimented.  If you ask my husband he would say I am pathological.

I bring this up because of the recent experiences with my family and because I started reading Running Away by Robert Andrew Powell and he talks about his dad.  How he realizes he accomplished his goals by having a routine and a schedule.  He is amazed at the discipline and the results and he says, what I have always secretly thought, he get more done, because of his routine.  I have always believed that the power of habit and preparation sets you up to achieve.

Also just from a practical standpoint, it gives you more time.  When I finish my run in the morning I put my shoes up and pre-select the pair for tomorrow's run.  Tomorrow at 4:10 there won't be time wasted deciding on shoes or going to the garage to get them.  When I get home from work I pick out my running clothes and work clothes for the next day.  In the morning both sets are ready and waiting.  No idle time in front of the closet or tossing T-shirts looking for just the right one.  I also pack my lunch for the next day when I get home.  I eat better and save money bringing my lunch but morning time is crowded.  I might decide I'll just pick something up.  That does not happen if you already have it packed.  I am as committed to my bedtime as my 4:10 wake up call.  I go to bed at 9 PM so I get enough sleep.  I have tons of other plans and routines I adhere to, but not everyone needs to know exactly how crazy I am, so I will stick with health related.  The routines do give me more time and they do set me up to achieve my healthy goals. 

Big confession, I bet you will be surprised "I am planner."  I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.  This can be good.  I am a rock.  I can look at a situation and break it down into a very efficient, deadline sensitive Gant Chart.  It also means when things happen like the last couple of months: unbelievable work obligations, robbery, moving, pneumonia, my brother's death things can seem out of control.  I have to say sticking as closely as possible to those routines during the chaos was a touchstone for me.  I also realized that people who plan, and live by the plan have a hard time adjusting to a group of people who wait for things to happen and then react off the cuff. 

For me routine and planning is a comfort.  It allows me to make room for what is important, my health, career, and husband.  I am sure it does not work for everyone, but for me routine and discipline are a girls best friend.  How about you.  Are you a routine fan or a go where the wind blows you type? 

Today I am grateful to be back at my routine and regular life. 


  1. I agree that I find routine to be efficient and a comfort. We try to find a balance but our weekdays are mostly routine and we save a bit of spontaneity for our weekends.

    1. After I get everything essential done I am more flexible on the weekends. No one will mistake me for Gumby :).

  2. Coffee in the morning and, after that, all hell can break loose!!

  3. Brian you crack me up. I can't even imagine...