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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ouch...Back at the Gym

Okay so after talking about and blogging about my need to get more serious about strength training; we pulled the trigger and joined a gym again.  This time we went with just what we need.  No more being dazzled by the pool we won't use, the squash court we don't need, the hot tub that creeps us out because who knows who was in it.  We went with Planet Fitness the benign neglect, no muss, no fuss, no lunks gym.  For those anti-social workout fans it is Gym Nirvana.   Everything is spread out, no one is offering you constant personal training, no one is standing over you, no one even talks to you, and they aren't blasting their own music.  I can actually hear what is on my own IPhone. It is truly just plenty of cardio machines and lots of strength training equipment.

BTW-though I have been doing more strength training I received a memo from every muscle above my hips after the gym workout yesterday.

 "Dear Running Slacker,

We are muscles too.  We deserve as much attention as your legs.  You are 45 now and batwings are a very unattractive reality.  To remind you that we have value we will send a subtle reminder all day Monday every time you try to do anything strenuous like write, cook, or eat.


The rest of your Body"

Well, message received and ouch!  I am glad to be back at a gym.  There is something about being surrounded by all that equipment, and nowhere near my couch, that makes it much easier to commit to strength training. 

Is it bad that when the membership paperwork asked how you heard about them I said drive by instead of Biggest Loser?  I love the Biggest Loser, but I did not want them to think I was a potential contestant. #gymdilemmas. 

Today I am grateful to be getting serious about strength training.  Oh yeah still streaking.   


  1. lol... I love the memo from the rest of your muscles :) They sound like they're high maintenance!

    1. They are feeling better now that they are getting some attention. I do love the gym. I forgot it has been so long.

  2. Way to go for heading back to the gym! My wife and I just wasted about a hundred bucks by not making it to the gym in over a month now! Good luck!

    1. I know how that feels. I am trying to make it a priority. Also why we joined one without a lot of bells and whistles for $10/month each.