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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Running Sucks until it Doesn't

So this week in running was probably a lot like yours.  I loved it on Monday, made myself on Tuesday, enjoyed it Wednesday, vowed to quit Thursday, reconsidered Friday, and met a new friend while out today!  That is why running sucks, until it doesn't.  It is always there for you, only sometimes it is there for you like a nagging zit you can't rid of, or a hemorrhoid ( a very real pain in the $#$).  This was an up and down week.  That happens, the further you get into a streak, oh yeah until it doesn't, because the streak has made routine running...well routine.  The consistent inconsistency of running is one of the things that keeps me coming back. 

Thursday my run just sucked.  I knew it would the minute I got up at 4:30.  My legs were heavy, I had eaten like crap Tuesday and Wednesday and I had this very weird, pretty painful toe cramp.  As I moved into the run, add GI issues and I was pretty sure I had put up my running shoes for the last time.  Except that out of habit I put mine up and pulled out the pair for Friday's run to set them out.  Mind you I don't want to seem uncommitted to quitting.  I put them in the bathroom but I made little snarky comments to them the whole time I got ready.  I just wanted them to know, just because they were out, was no guarantee I would put them on Friday.  I mean I am in charge here. 

Well, Friday came, tired legs rested and cramp went away, as they do.  I had concentrated on making nutritious, light high on veggie meals.  You know back on the wagon.  Friday those shoes were right; we went for a run and lo and behold it was fun again.  Friday afternoon I even made myself go to the gym to get in my third strength training workout of the week.  Even though I drove 1/2 way home before looking at my gym bag on the seat of the car, feeling guilty and turning back around.

Today something really cool happened.  Hubby is sidelined still with injuries he received in a highly competitive elementary school teacher kickball tournament.  You may laugh, but my husband's team plays kickball like they think they are in Brazil playing for the World Cup.  Three of the four men on the team ended up injured, but they won their region and the championship!  All worth it; I am sure.  So I am still on my own as he has exiled himself to a mile a day slow run to maintain his streak until his injury is rehabbed.  I went down to Silver Comet for a four miler today.  I was about 2.5 miles in when I heard a guy say "hey nice pace you got going" (around 8:30 mile).  "I need to run that pace can I join you?"  Voila!  The other thing about running, it bonds you to relative strangers.  Sure why not.  He was running further, but I told him I had 1.5 to go and he could join me.  Turns out he worked at GA Tech, now retired, and worked with some folks I know in water resources.  What could be better?  Unexpected company, a beautiful day to run, and chatting about one of my favorite topics.  Ken quit smoking and started running.  We had a nice chat.  As I said "there's my stop," I shook his hand and thanked him for joining me.  He said look me up on Runner's World "Runner who stopped smoking."
I did.  How cool is that. 

Today I am grateful for the random things that happen to me because I run!


  1. I'm definitely with you on the running sucks until it doesn't thing! I thought it would be magically awesome all the time one day but I guess that nothing worth it comes easy. I love that you made a new friend on the run :)

    1. Yeah I know right. Some days I am like what was that about a runner's high? These people are liars. But kudos to us for keeping at it!

  2. haha, i posted a pic on my instagram yesterday, after my run : "I love running (when I'm done)" - I started running last year and I fell in love with it, but i hit a bit of a slump this year and I am trying to get back on track now.

    1. We all go through those. I have felt like that lately but even as I let other things go I have pushed through on running but sometimes it is tough. Hang in there it will turn back around.