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Saturday, February 9, 2013

If you can't laugh at yourself...

So today was the ATC Heart and Sole 5K. It is their annual Valentine's Day run where couples can come in costume!  I have to say when my husband first told me we were going to the race dressed as Angry Love Birds, after the popular smart phone game, I thought "no way I can't do this."  Today was super fun.  The course is great, by far one of the flattest and fastest courses ATC has all season.  No PR today, but we were just taking it easy.  I have the half next week and hubby has a 5K so we did not want to over do it.  

I was surprised by how much fun I had.  It was cool to run past the kids and have them say "Angry Birds!"  We had a few kids say after the race, "your costumes are awesome!"  You can't beat running uphill and hearing "Go Birds!" At the finish all the spectators watching and yelling "go angry birds!"  It was fun to make other people happy and I was a lot less self conscience then I thought I would be.  I was also surprised how many people stopped us and asked if they could take our picture!  Above is a pic of us and another couple we met today.  Most folks did not dress up, and most certainly did not take it as far as we did.  It was fun to find another couple just out to have a healthy, funny Saturday morning run!

Also I had a first time experience today.  Not only were we racing, but one of my staff and her boyfriend were racing.  I have to say that is the first time I have been dressed as a giant bird and heard "let me introduce you to my boss, Kathy."  I also can't believe I posted the pics on Facebook, where I have work colleagues.  But you know what?  That will prove everyone who says I can't laugh at myself wrong!  Sometimes it is just fun to be silly and especially if you can make someone's day more fun.  All the credit for the creative outfits goes to my art teacher hubby and so does thanks for a fun day and a good lesson in not taking myself too seriously!

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