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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick of Not Running

That is how this week has felt for me. A couple of days before my half I had a slight sore throat but I just took a lot of vitamins and pushed through.  My half was pretty successful and throughout the week I just felt worse and worse.  I ended up skipping a run on Tuesday, getting up early Wednesday and pushing through, but by Thursday felt really bad and had to leave work early and take off the rest of the week from work and running.  So of course I feel so lazy.  It is amazing the difference a year or two makes.  There was a time when I would have thought, well I am sick so "no way am I going to exercise" but yesterday I was saying to hubby I want to run and he was saying no.  Who knew he was a budding comedian.  His response to my question about when I can run was "you can run when you can breathe."  What a smart%&*.  Doesn't he know sarcasm is my thing in this relationship? 

Anyway who would have thought anyone would not enjoy an excuse to lay around, watching mindless TV in your pajamas all day.  If you asked me that a couple of years ago I would said, "that is a damn fine question."  But ask me today and I will tell you, "me."  To make my break even more torturous I took out my running clothes Wednesday night with every intention of running Thursday AM.  Well see above, that did not happen.  Now most people would just put them away, but I decided to just leave them there to remind me to get out of my pajamas and run.  Feeling among the living today and hoping to get a run in tomorrow. 

On the bright side my cats, who by nature prefer the laying around in PJ's lifestyle, have had the best weekend they can remember since I had the flu last year. I guess it could be worse it could have been last weekend and happened before my half.  Here is hoping this break also gives me fresher legs.  It was certainly a reminder of how integral running has become to life. 

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