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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your Valentine to Running

So it is Valentine's Day the day all single people hate and all coupled people dread, because it is fraught with opportunity to unintentionally mortally wound an otherwise perfectly functional relationship, by the purchase of the wrong card.  So we are nearing the end of this fictional holiday designed to make those not in a relationship feel singled out, and not in that "way to go, nice work" kind of way.  More like that "what is wrong with you? Why can't you just settle for someone then Dad and I can stop counting how many cats you have and get a good night's sleep" kind of way.  So for everyone counting down you have 5 more hours on the East Coast and on the West Coast you have 8 and my condolences. 

What if on Valentine's Day you thought about what you really loved, besides your partner, and I do love my husband.  But for those feeling down, or as if they have no reason not to call into work, pick up a couple pints of Hagen Das, crawl back in bed, and watch Sleepless in Seattle all day as some kind of punishment for not meeting some arbitrary timeline when you are supposed to have "Soul mate" checked off the bucket list.  What do you really love?  What makes you get out of bed sans Hagen Das the other 364 days of the year.  Is it running?  Would you send a Valentine to running?  What would it say?  See mine and give some thought to yours.

Dear Running,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the stars we share on quiet mornings.  I get up and often you are the first thing I think about and usually the first thing I see, since your clothes are laid out right in front of me.  You have made me stronger.  I used to think there were so many things I could not do and you topped the list.  Checking that off made me feel brave.  When times are tough I turn to you and I feel better.  You make my heart race, in a good way, and take away the everyday stresses.  You bring me closer to the people who matter in my life and you make me feel better and healthier.  Thanks for always being one pair of shoes and some well placed body glide away.  I look forward to another year together, but please I would really enjoy sweating a little less.  If you could do anything about that I know my husband would be grateful too. 



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