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Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Cause

Remember when you were a kid. You got away with so much and you had the best answer to questions people asked you.  Why are you doing that? "cause."  Then inevitably your mom or some adult would say "cause why?"  You would get to give an even better response "just cause."  It drove adults nuts and we loved it. 

Don't you just have days where no matter what someone asks you you want to cross your arms and say "just cause."  I especially feel that way when people ask things like,
Co-worker:"what did you do this weekend?"
Me: "I had my last long training run for my half"
Co-worker: "Cool how long did you run?"
Me: "13 miles."
Co-worker: "Why"
Me: thinking I already answered that when I said I did my last long training run before my half, "Cause"
Co-worker: (here it comes) "Cause why?"
Me: "just cause." Accompanied by casual hair flip and crossed arms.

Sometimes you just know the explanation is not worth it.  We knew that as kids, but as adults we always think we should expound on the many esoteric benefits of obtaining a goal, pushing yourself past what you believed to be your limits, etc.  But really all anyone needs is "just cause."  By the time you recount the innumerable benefits of running to this person, they have moved on to find out why Bob has made the bold choice of liverwurst and tuna salad for lunch. 

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