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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometimes Running Sucks

Today is one of those days that reminds you why you live in the South. It is sunny and 65 degrees out.  So I went out for a run with hubby today.  I could definitely feel running when I am not 100%.  This run should have been a breeze, but you can't overestimate the importance of being able to breathe.  Who knew hubby was right about that.

Anyway it got me thinking about what we as runners all know, not every run is a great run.  So what makes some runs more challenging than other?  So for me I definitely notice certain things that tend to make running more of a struggle.

1) Time of day.  I am the original morning person.  I mean really by 4 PM you could walk in my office with a bomb strapped to your chest and say "you have 1 minute to get out of here and get a run in or I am blowing this place sky high" and I would have to really think about whether getting up and dressing out is worth it or if I have lived a full enough life.  I just know when in the morning, full of enthusiasm for the day, I say I will get in a few miles after work that it is not going to happen.  My inner voice is saying "liar."  I should totally start listening to her. 

2) How I feel.  I am usually really healthy so if I don't feel healthy I tend to be one of those people who aren't very good patients.  I am just not very gracious.  I have a short temper and a bad attitude and put that on top of not feeling well and it makes for a really charming run, not to mention a super supportive running partner.  Sorry, Honey.  Isn't admitting you have a problem the first step?  (We just saw Flight).

3) Wrong clothes.  You know when you check the weather and choose the appropriate clothing for the predicted weather and then you walk outside and are hit by the reality that meteorologists are the only people with a job that actually gives a bonus for inaccuracy. I hate to run if I am too cold or worse too hot.

I try to avoid these things when they are in my power.  Some things are out of my control.  Here is something I am sure of, if today's run sucked or was hard or made you swear off running, tomorrow's run will make you feel invincible, and pledge your allegiance to the sport.  If not tomorrow than certainly by next week.  Just keep at it.

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