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Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Goals: Wrap up Falling Short and Setting September Goals

Okay so we just said good-bye to August and it was a rough month for me.  So how did I do on my monthly goals.  As usual it was mixed bag.

1) Running everyday of August - Well I missed two days.  One because my workday involved a 6 hour round trip drive and an 8 hour day.  Just too tired.  The other was after my unexpected fall I ran the next day and found the injuries needed a rest day. Goal not met, but a good try.  Ended up with 91 miles this month.
2) Wanted to read 2 books.  I actually read three so I did pretty well on that one.  Goal accomplished.
3) Needed to write an RFP for work.  I got it done and reviewed.  I revised it and now I am waiting on the final okay to advertise.  Goal met.
4) Wanted to continue plank a day.  So was doing great, then I fell.  When I did I am pretty sure I bruised a rib and reinjured my shoulder, an old injury from a broken scapula.  I have not been able to do plank a day yet.  It is getting better so hopefully I can resume soon.  - Goal not met.
5) Putting my phone up at dinner.  I will say I was about 50% successful.  This is progress before I never would have put my phone away. Half and half.
6) Cook at least 4 days a week.  - I have been cooking and made some fun new recipes.  - Goal met.

September Goals
1) Long run once a week at least 6 miles.  Got to start trianing for Soldiers Half Marathon in November.
2) Run at least 6 days a week.
3) Avoid being dragged into gossip.
4) Hopefully resume my planks maybe only a couple days a week to start.
5) Continue to put my phone up for the night around dinner. 

Here's hoping  you are kicking off the month with good health and happiness.  No looking behind only forward.  What are your goals.


  1. Sounds like you did really well in August, and I know you'll continue to excel in September! Make it a great month!

    I am increasing my miles for September, continuing my cross training and keeping my eye on the prize!

    1. Jennifer that sounds great. I bet you are so excited about the Zooma Race. They used to do one in Atlanta and I was planning to run it but they don't come here anymore.