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Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up and Goal setting

Okay so my Dailymile week ends on Sunday so I do my wrap up from the week, big on accountability, remember?  Then Goals for this week.

Wrap Up.

Pretty successful week.
Ran 26.67 miles
Ran 6 days a week per my September Goal
We got our first order from Nature's Garden Delivers (Organic produce).  It was great.  Cooked some excellent meals and successfully made a main dish with Kale that hubby loved.
Most days I put up my phone before dinner.  Not perfect.
Oh yeah.  I must do okay working out.  I am participating in a fitness program Walk Georgia.  The idea is you log your fitness activities and that equates to miles walked across the state.  I am in 4th for those participating.  I guess I get in more than my share of workouts.

Monday - AM Run 3.1 miles
Tuesday - AM Run 3.1 miles  Plank 1:08 minutes
Wednesday - AM Run 3.1 miles
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - AM Run 3.1 miles and Plank 1:15 minutes
Saturday - Run 11 miles HM Training Began and Plank 1:32 minutes
Sunday - AM Run 3.8 miles recovery run -and Plank 1:10

All in all not a bad week.  Eating was pretty good.

Goals this week. 
Very busy week at work so first I hope I make it through the week without killing anyone.  Morning meeting was touch and go, so I need to pull it together. 

Actual goals for this week, I have a race on Saturday.  Not a long one, just a 5 miler.

Run 6 days this week ( keeping with the September goal).  I think during my HM training, that features some longer runs, the one rest day is a big help.

Eat well. - Notice I did not say cook.  I have to work late almost every night this week.  My goal is not to cook, but try and eat well even if I am grabbing something.  Luckily I have my produce from Natures Garden delivers so I am planning on some salads and some tuna with Avacado ( I am addicted to this).

Kick up the planks.  My shoulder is finally healed and I hope to build back up to plank a day.  This week with work and everything I will be happy with every other day.

Blog three times.  Like I said crazy week, just trying to be realistic.  

Race on Saturday _ Singleton 5 miler.  I don't really have any goals.  Hubby is still hurt so not sure what Saturday will bring.  May hang back with him and make sure he is okay. 

Hope you have a great week.  What do you hope to accomplish this week?

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