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Saturday, September 28, 2013

What a Week - OMG

So I have been MIA this week and I apologize, but to say we had a lot going on is an understatement.  From last blog, a week ago, you will remember we were dealing with some family health issues.  Those seem to be getting a little better.  Flash forward to Monday.  I am on my way to a meeting at an elementary school to help an eagle scout candidate with an irrigation project.  Hubby calls.  I knew immediately something was wrong.  We are the couple that run together, but we are not the couple that call each other at work.  I mean I am at work!

I answer and hear "you have to come home now." 

Me: "You know I have a late meeting tonight."
Him: "You need to come home now we have an emergency."
Me annoyed: "What?
Him: "We were robbed I have the police here."
Me not so annoyed anymore: "I am on my way."

That is when I got the story from hubby.  He came home from school and saw Mo, our 13 year old Maine Coon, looking scared and confused and sitting on our welcome mat.  All 6 of our cats are indoor only.  He thought did we forget to shut the door.  That is when he noticed the french doors were standing open and our front door had been kicked in. 

All of our electronics were stolen and when he called me he said "all the cats are out.  I got Mo, Frankie, Georgia and Pablo but Jazzy and Lena are gone."  It is funny how moments like these really clarify what is and is not important.  Lena and Jazzy important!  TVs, laptops, tablets, not important!  By the time I got home he had located all the kitties.  They were scared but safe. 

I have to say the police were great and super responsive our insurance carrier was really fast.  Our landlord is having the door replaced tomorrow a friend brought over a TV for us to use.  Amidst all the trauma and stress we have been reminded of how lucky we are.  In one clarifying moment we learned what really matters.

So for those who read the blog you know I run pre-dawn from home.  You may ask do I still do that?  The answer is yes.  I did it Tuesday morning, and the rest of the week.  Some may ask why?  I did it because I define me and I decide what I do, not some slimey thieves who would rather take someone elses hard earned possessions than work for their own.

On the running front I am proud to say I kept up my workout schedule.  I did a hill workout today for speed work. Tomorrow is a 10-12 miler on tap we will see how I feel. 

Next week I will still be without technology.  They are sending our check next week. I will be in Vegas for the largest water resource conference in the country all week.  My mileage and workouts will definitely be less next week.  Again I won't be posting.  Using hubby's work laptop to give this update today.

Also there will be blog dedicated to it because he deserves it, but among all the things that happened this week hubby ended his running streak when his nagging foot injury continued to worsen. He went to the Dr. Friday and we are awaiting the X-ray results.  I am so proud of his nearly 3 year streak, but maybe more proud he had the courage to end it realizing that he wanted to continue to run for life more than he wanted the streak. 

This is a lot but wanted to explain why I am missing your blogs.  I am sure you are training hard and doing great stuff.  When I get my tablet and return from Vegas I will be back at and anxious to catch up on all you have been doing!!  


  1. How awful!! So sorry that that happened to you guys, but glad that it seems like you've got some support & the insurance process has gone smoothly. Hope next week is better for you!

  2. I'm so very sorry to hear about what those low-lifes did to you. Thank god the cats are all ok. And having that insurance policy in place is a great thing.
    You guys sound strong and you have each other!

  3. How scary! Glad you found all your kitties! Good luck with the rest of the insurance and getting everything taken care of. And major props on continuing with your running.

    When you're in Vegas, if you're staying on the Strip, let me know if you'd like company squeezing in a run.

  4. Kathy, so sorry you had to go through this! Having had my own house broken into (although not nearly as seriously), I know the deep sense of violation! And as a cat owner, I can't even imagine the possibility of having them let loose like that. On a positive note, though, GOOD FOR YOU for not letting this alter your lifestyle!!