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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fitness Friday

Was it really only a four day work week?  Felt more like 8.  Oh well the good news, I had tons of deadlines that I met this week so I guess the hard work was worth it.  Also I got in my runs.  Nutrition was not as good as I like, but you can't have everything. 

Monday - Run 6.2 miles in the rain Labor day
Tuesday - Run 2.75 miles - crazy lightning storm made me turn around and head back.
Wednesday - 3 mile evening run with hubby and pick up new Atlanta Track Club shirts.  Thought we were going to our running store's for a group run.  Went there decided to pick up our Atlanta Track Club shirts and head to Silver Comet Trail for our run.  Running at night is definitely not my thing!
Thursday - Rest Day.  I was able to do my first plank since I hurt myself when I fell.  1:45.  I was glad abut that.
Friday - 3 mile run under the stars this AM.  It was beautiful and a little cooler.

Like I said we did not do as well on nutrition.  We had a Labor Day indoor cookout since we got rain and had sausage sandwiches and beans.  We were out a couple of nights so we grabbed something.  Cooked last night chicken, plantains, and broccoli. 

I am excited that we are trying this new subscription service, Natures Garden. They only deliver in Georgia and Arizona right now.  You can pick from a variety of sizes of weekly or every other week fruit and vegetables.  All organic.  We get our first order next Thursday.  I think it will be great because it is going to force me to try new veggies and fruit.  It is not that I don't like veggies and fruit. I love them.  It is that left to my own devices, I just stick with what I know.  Especially what I know how to cook.  I am excited about trying this. 

Hope you had a productive week.  Did you reach your fitness goals?

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