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Saturday, April 13, 2013

ATC's Spring has Sprung 8K

So today was the Spring has Sprung 8K with our track club, The Atlanta Track Club.  I ran this race last year and remember it was hilly.  This year they altered the course to address that, apparently they got a lot of complaints that it wasn't hilly enough.  Problem solved!  My husband joked later he was going to write on their Facebook Wall "thanks for the flat easy course at Spring has Sprung...said no one ever."

So quite a challenge, since it was my first race since getting sick, the longest I have run in three weeks, I still have bronchitis, and apparently parts of Downtown Atlanta resemble parts of Denver, CO in elevation gain, who knew?

As with any race there was the good and the bad.  The good was of course the race was well organized and there were some great volunteers and the Atlanta Police Department out in force.  I did this race last year and despite the lack of breath of support and nagging cough, still managed to shave a couple minutes off last year's time.  While a bunch of runners were walking hills I was still running.  Best of all; knowing this was a tough race for me, hubby stayed with me at 9:10/mile pace even though he can run much faster.  Some days your best pace is just what you can manage that day.  With this course and bronchitis that was my personal best effort.  Next race will be a different opportunity.

What about the bad?  Did I mention there were a couple of hills?  Also there is something about running Atlanta's torn up, potholed streets that elevates any run into an obstacle course. Also I can't emphasize enough how much being able to breathe facilitates the running process.  Of course even though I gave it all I had today, I know I can run better than this when I am on my game.

Still the weather was great, my best friend and partner were there right beside me.  We had Dunkin Donut Bagel and coffee after the race.  A good time was had by all!!

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