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Friday, April 26, 2013

Rainy Weekend On Tap

I am hoping that is what happens to me this weekend.  Lucky me!  I live in the Sunny South and today was a perfect day.  This weekend it is supposed to rain all day, everyday.  I usually do my weekly long run on the weekend, because in the morning I have limited time.  I am not a wuss, don't get me wrong.  Unless the rain is really bad I will try and get out and run in the rain.  My long run is probably not going to happen.  Stormy weather is too unpredictable here.  I can't run out 5 miles and have a tornado roll in, there is only one way back and I am pretty sure I am no match for a tornado or lightning for that matter. My allergies have been really bad this season so I should be looking forward to rain washing away some pollen so I can run in the morning without looking like I have been sobbing at home or feeling like my lung collapsed.   I used to look at a rainy weekend and think, this is great.   A weekend to stay inside and watch movies.  What a difference, today I was frustrated all day at work.  I pouted about why it was not raining today...when I had to work all day instead of this weekend.  

Oh well, I expect to get my runs in either between rain drops or on the TM in our extra room.  I know you are asking yourself why not just do your long run on the TM.  I admire all of my runner friends who post in Dailymile; just did 10 miles on the TM.  I can't even imagine.  I have to cover up the display and listen to my music as loud as possible to bust through my regular three miles.  I know I need to learn to adapt better.  Maybe this is the Universe's way of saying "why don't you get off your lazy butt and do more strength training.  You have two rainy days and probably won't run more than 1/2 hour.  I think you can find the time."   It is my intention that writing this here will hold me accountable and help me to just knuckle down this weekend and run either in the rain or on the TM and also add in some strength training.  

It has been a pretty rainy spring.  I am torn about that.  As a water resource manager who has been through several severe droughts in the last decade I am happy we start irrigation season with high streamflows and full reservoirs.  As a runner I am not looking forward to a continually wet spring with unpredictable running weather.  I never thought my work and my favorite past time would be diametrically opposed.  Boy! I am never happy.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and better weather than we are expecting!


  1. That quote is so true! I too have been struggling with the weather this spring--trying to be thankful yet managing running. Droughts freak me out so I still prefer this weather though!

    1. I know what you mean. We ended up getting rain later in the day so it was the best of both worlds. But today it is definitely a treadmill day here.