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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Surprise Run

Today I was dreading the beginning of a rainy weekend. Instead I had a windy, sunny morning and I went out for a run. I usually like to do a longer run but I was not expecting to get almost 6 miles in today. Hubby is nursing a groin injury so I went out alone.

While running today I ran through a popular local park. As I was running I heard a woman, that was running with her partner, say "I wish I could run like her." I was so excited because I remember starting 2 years ago, my husband and I would go out to run. I would be slogging through 1 mile thinking I was going to die. I watched my husband run off. All I could think was "I want to run like him."

Today I was running and I was feeling great. It is amazing how much better a run feels when you think you aren't going to get to run. When I heard my times I thought I should feel tired but instead I was smiling and felt great enjoying the day.

It was so exciting to hear someone who saw me run and wanted that feeling. I know how they felt because I used to feel like that. Now I feel great and others can see it. That is a great feeling and today was an awesome run. I now wear this necklace everyday. It reminds me whatever I am doing. I am a runner. For me I still can't believe it. So when I see or touch the necklace I remember I can do anything.

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