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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gratitude and Goals

The rain finally came so today was a three miler on my treadmill.  As I was running and listening to one of my favorite running mixes I had time to think.  Not about what I usually think about how much I hate the treadmill or what is the likelihood that I won't be paying attention I will make a wrong move and get slung across the room like a contestant on America's funniest home videos.  Do you ever watch that and think why are you filming this instead of helping them?  Well I digress.

Today I chose to focus on how lucky I am that, as the rain is pelting down, I am running on a treadmill in my den.  Not everyone has the luxury of not even having to go outside in weather like today and still get their run in, and go over to their exercise equipment and get in some strength training and core work.  Some folks don't have the equipment and some don't have the physical ability so what am I complaining about?

Today I focused on gratitude and setting goals for the week.

I am grateful for:
My husband
My health
Healthy kitties, warm and dry inside
My treadmill
A home that keeps me warm and dry
A job that makes my hobby possible
My family
My friends
A weekend spent running, eating good food, and watching movies with my best friend and life partner.

Goals for this week:
Run everyday. ( I have to travel at the end of the week for work so this may be a challenge)
Get my work presentations for the next few weeks written
Complete at least 4 blog posts
Cook healthy dinners when I am home this week
Not gossip or judge people
Do at least 2 strength training/core sessions even short ones.

I thought I would start the week in a positive direction with positive goals.  Even if I don't achieve all of them, I am certain to have a better week with positive intentions than with negative expectations.  Hope everyone has a great week.

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