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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do You Know When You Need to Rest?

So for the last week and a half I have been suffering from and then recovering from the Flu, Bronchitis, and Tonsillitis.  I started back running on Friday, if you can call it that I was on the treadmill and pretty slow.  By the weekend I was running closer to my easy pace and then Monday and Tuesday a pretty normal early run.  Normal that is, if after running  a half hour coughing fit trying to catch your breath is normal?  Of course for someone who has has asthma and is prone to bronchitis after any illness, this is not that unusual. So I was running and enjoying being back out there.  Yesterday afternoon I just felt exhausted.  I guess what I felt was the fact that my body hasn't fully recovered and may not be ready for 7 days a week of running.  It is frustrating when yo are willing but you feel like your body isn't capable. 

So I decided to listen to my body and sleep in this morning to the indulgent 5:15 AM, and forgo my run today.  Tonight I feel less tired, and more like myself.  It might just be wishful thinking but my voice and cough seem to be a little better today.  The miracle of a little break.  I am looking forward to getting back at it tomorrow.  I had already scheduled Thursday and Friday off to spend a few days with hubby on his Spring Break from school.  I was feeling a little guilty, since I was barely at work last week, and certainly not conscience while I was there.  After some consideration, I actually think it might help me out.   Hopefully I will get some nice runs in this weekend.  We have the ATC Spring has Sprung 8K on Saturday.  I am hoping to feel 100% ready to go when I get back to work next week.  Do you always listen to your body if it tells you "take a break"?  I can't say that I do, but sometimes if you have been sick or injured enough you are more cautious.  Can you always tell when you need a rest day?

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