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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peaceful Easy Feeling

So the last week has made many of us in the running community think about running.  I know it has made many of my friends and family who just don't get it, ask more questions.  All the many ways they ask about it is really trying to get at the one thing we really can't answer for anyone else.  What is it about running?  It has to be your own personal experience, your own relationship with running. You can't make someone else, especially someone who has never run, understand your relationship with running.

If I got asked today I would say it was a run like today's run.  Finally feeling a little lighter spiritually as Boston passes the 1 week mark and those responsible appear to have been and are being dealt with.  I have completed memorial, contemplative runs to pay homage to those affected by the tragedy.

Why today's run?  Like the other things you can't explain to non-runners, sometimes you go out fully expecting to have your regular run, but something happens.  Everything comes together and the run is more than it set out to be.  I run pre-dawn most week days, today was no different.  What is a little different is it was kind of cool this morning, not winter run cold, just crisp like fall.  The moon was bright and right in the phase before it is full.  The sky was cloudless and the stars were bright.  A bonus of running at this time of day is lots of times you are the only one out.  It was like that today.  Then the last component, I felt good.  As runners you know "I felt good," meant none of those little cramps, aches, or twinges that we accept as feeling fine, because it is just a part of the sport.  I mean good; I had none of that.  Just felt strong and the run felt effortless.  Runs like that start my day with a peace and zen that makes the rest of the day easy. Runs like that happen often enough to help us keep going and get  us hooked on running.  It must be contagious too, because hubby came home with a big smile on his face today after his evening run.  I asked him why he was smiling so much and he said just my runner's high.

I hope you get to enjoy one of those days too.  Remember they are something only a runner experiences or understands.

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