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Monday, October 21, 2013

Are Your Friends Runners?

As I walked into my laundry room this weekend I had only one thought.  "Well no doubt we're runners."  One smell of that room with the running shoes and a weeks worth of running clothes nicely fermented and all opportunities to nonchalantly shrug off, "oh run, yeah we run occasionally."  It got me to thinking even if your friends don't discuss their PRs and measure their weekends in miles logged and paces achieved.  Even if they prefer to go to a new city and still think driving is the best way to get to know the place, are there telltale signs that beat like Poe's heart beneath the piles of laundry or the closed office door.  Are there things unique about runner's homes that give away that they run?  Is there an athletic equivalent to going through their medicine cabinet?

I thought what makes a dead give away a runner lives here.  Here are 10. 

1. Carpet is made out of recycled race bids, come on we're an eco-friendly group.
2. There are medals hanging from the chandelier instead of crystals.  Who ever earned a crystal?.
3. What you assumed was a family photo is actually a picture of Steve Prefontaine.
4. There is a tic mark chart tracking how many glasses of water consumed that day.
5. You ask to borrow a cute pair of shoes and they ask stability or motion control?
6. You accidentally use their body glide instead of your deodorant when getting ready in the guest bathroom.
7. Most of the keys in the house are not on a key ring so they can be slipped easily in a belt.
8. For Halloween they have a bowl full of honey stingers and sports beans.
9. Instead of a conversion from grams to ounces they have a chart converting Kilometers to Miles on their fridge.
10.They know that it is exactly .06 K from the master bedroom to the laundry room, at least if their Garmin is working correctly. 

Add your own!

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