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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Soldiers Half Training Run

Just happy to be done!
Today was my last over 12 mile run in preparation for Soldier's Half Marathon on November 9th.  It was a lot hotter than I expected this time of year, which is crazy optimistic because I have lived in Atlanta long enough to know I should not be surprised.  I left later than I planned too.  Not an ideal start.  I did have my new over the ear Yurbuds and I had downloaded my music from Rock My Run on my phone so it did not cut out like when I was live streaming it.  This was the first race where I wasn't constantly fighting my ear buds and losing music. That was nice.  The first 10 miles felt good but I was a little ahead of my planned easy pace.  Also I did not bring water because Silver Comet has nicely spaced restrooms with water fountains.

I think it was a little hotter than I realized.  I skipped the mid-run water out and back and I was really feeling it around mile 11.  I pushed through and made a note to make sure to hydrate better during the half.  Silver Comet was packed today.  Lots of folks out riding, skating, biking or just walking with their families.  I realized today what a great asset this is in our area.  It is built along an old railroad and runs for 61miles.  It is totally free.  It has restrooms, water fountains,  benches, and picnic tables.  With hubby's injury it means I have done most of my long runs on my own and close to home.  With Silver Comet there is no traffic, it is safe and family friendly.  It is shaded and easy to run any distance you want to run.

For the rest of my training it will be my normal weekly morning runs and on my weekends:

Next weekend I have a 5K on Saturday and Sunday I plan on a 6-7 mile easy recovery run.

The next weekend will be my last double digit run probably a 10 miler, easy pace and a shorter run the other day.

The weekend before Soldiers Saturday I have a 5 mile race and then will be taking it easy with slow short runs until the half. 

I am looking forward to the race.  Hope your training is going well too.


  1. I've been thinking about music lately, more specifically phones vs. ipods. I have had an iPod touch for a while, and I've always run to it and never had a problem. I've heard lots of people complain about issues with using the phone either as a running/distance app and/or music. I just got an iPhone, and I wonder how I'll handle that. Post for later. . . hmmmm.

  2. Kathy, it sounds as if you're ready for this race. I'm glad you like your earbuds. I use a bluetooth device - I'm sure the wired buds sound much better.
    Have a great time getting those last easy runs in, and good luck on the race!